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January 16, 2008

Visit to VTU(Visvesvaraya Technological University, Jnana Sangama, Belgaum)

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First off, this is what I would like to tell anyone who is planning to obtain their transcripts from VTU – apply early!! This would mean a lot of savings – both money and time-wise. For those applying early, there is the option of applying through the college. You could get the necessary info from the Examination Section of the concerned engineering college. You could take receipt of the transcripts in about 5-6 weeks from date of application. However, I dint have the liberty of applying early, so what I did was as follows:Pre-preparations: From what I read on a few blogs, I came to know that Xerox copies of original marks cards have to be submitted along with the application. One blogger had even written that the copies had to be attested by the college principal. Not wanting to take any chances, on the eve of my departure to Belgaum, I coerced my dad to go to my college armed with the originals and copies of the marks cards, and try to get them attested. I was very lucky in that the attestations were done on the same day (it usually doesn’t work that way in my college!!).I also got dad to obtain a DD of the required amount from Bangalore itself, since we did not want to waste time running around for DDs in Belgaum. The DD has to be payable at Belgaum.I had also read that the Registrar – Evaluation (whose signature is mandatory on the transcripts) is not available on all days at the university. Accordingly, I got dad to try and call on the registrar’s office phone number, which was given on the university website, but I got no response. Dad enquired with the regional office in Bangalore, but they too provided him the same number. No response. The date was 28th November. The deadlines for university applications were fast approaching. With no other option left, dad and me decided to leave for Belgaum the same evening. We booked our tickets on the Rani Chennamma Express, scheduled to leave Bangalore at 21:15 hrs.Travel: we reached the railways station at around 20:15 hrs. Ample time left. The rake was yet to be shunted onto the platform. We loitered about here and there, and at around 20:45 hrs, the train was shunted in. Another 5 minutes for the reservation charts to be pasted. We quickly identified S1, entered the coach and claimed our seats. The train departed punctually at 21:15 hrs. We were on our way to Belgaum. There were a couple of school children who were going to Belgaum for a sports-meet. Had some fun chit-chattering with them. I was feeling really sleepy, so I climbed up onto the berth, covered myself with a warm sheet and fell asleep. I was awakened by the T.T.E., who had come to inspect the tickets. Dad showed him the ticket, and I fell into a deep sleep again. The next thing I knew was the train halting with a jerk at Hubli. The date was 29th November, and the time, 06:15. Most of the passengers were still sleeping, so I too closed my eyes and lay quietly. After about 25 minutes, the train slowly departed Hubli station, and within minutes, everybody was up. I woke up dad, and we both came down to our seats and sat down to watch the scenery flash by. The sights of the countryside were especially soothing. Rolling grasslands punctuated by small water-bodies, lush green fields, mountain-tips sparkling in the early-morning sunshine, small patches of human habitation and at intervals, the earth being excavated to lay down a parallel railway line. The morning was beautiful. The train halted at various stations like Dharwar, Alnavar, etc., but no sight of tea-vendors for a long time. Dad and I are accustomed to the morning cup of tea, so we waited anxiously for one. Finally, we spotted a vendor, and bought two cups of elaichi tea from him for Rs. 10. Sipping the steaming tea with the cold wind from the window lashing against the face was a heavenly experience. It was 08:15. Belgaum was fast approaching. Dad and I took turns to watch the baggage while we went to the toilet to freshen up. Soon, the tile factories on the right side of the train, houses, shops, etc., and a busy road on the left (on which, incidentally, we spotted a bus of the university) heralded the arrival of Belgaum. We gathered our luggage and got out of the train. The time was 09:00.One of the blogs that I had read had mentioned a bus-station just opposite the railway station. However, we thought it wise to check with a traffic policeman who we spotted regulating traffic outside the railway station. He pointed us away from the bus-stand, saying that we would get buses from the intersection of the main road. Imagine our consternation, when a policeman at the intersection directed us back to the bus-stand opposite the railway station! We trudged back to the bus – stand and enquired with the station master there, who told us to wait for the bus that goes to “Santhibastawad”. It was here that I met two boys fresh out of college. Safair and Abu had studied at the Don Bosco engineering college in Bangalore, and had come to Belgaum to collect their consolidated marks-cards and provisional degree certificates. We talked for a while, and then dad and I decided to hire an auto to the university. The auto-wallah asked for 100 bucks, and dad asked for seventy. Since the auto-wallah did not understand the word “seventy”, I had to summon up my last reserves of Hindi and said “Saat aur dus”!!. AW grinned at me and said “satthar”? Ok. Soon we were along to the university. We passed the KLE’s Institute of Technology and the Gogte Institute of Technology. Soon the crowded streets gave way to a road lined with trees and thickets on both sides. After a 10-km ride, we reached the university; AW dropped us off in front of the administrative block. The time was 10:00 sharp.Optimum route: at the bus-stand opposite the railway station, if you do not spot any buses that go to VTU, it is better to take a bus to C. B. T(very frequent), and take a bus to VTU from there. AWs fleece you.There were clear pointers as to where the examination section is located(2nd floor), and we went up there in a lift. I entered the examination section and asked the receptionist for an application for transcripts. The receptionist, while giving me the application, informed me that I would not be getting the transcripts that day, since the registrar was not in office. I called up my counselor, who told me not to worry, just submit the application, and return to Bangalore. Accordingly, I filled up the application, attached the attested copies of marks cards, and the DD(Rs. 250 for the first copy, Rs.150 for every subsequent copy, all on a single DD – the rates are subject to change, better to check with VTU before taking a DD), and submitted the same. When dad enquired for the phone number, he was given a totally different number than what is mentioned on the website!! I reproduce the number here for anybody who wishes to call up the registrar. The number is 0831- 2498136. Since we had booked our return journey on the Karnataka Sampark Kranti express that leaves Belgaum at 18:55, we decided to hang around the university and try our luck at the end of the day.We soon located the cafeteria and breakfasted on vegetable rice and ksheera. After breakfast, we settled down under a tree on a bench to pass time till 16:00, at which time we had decided to leave for the railway station. Somehow we passed time till about 13:00, after which we decided to move to a different place. Three more hours to go. We went outside the administrative block and settled down on a patch of grass under a tree. Other visitors like us had already settled down there. Safair and Abu were there too. We had a banana and biscuits that mom had had the sense to pack for us. Dad slept for sometime, while I watched the buses to Santhibastawad go to and fro. Around 15:30, just to try my luck, I went up to the examination section, but the transcripts were not ready. The receptionist promised me that the transcripts would be mailed by the following week. Around 16:15, we took a bus bound for C.B.T. However, since we spotted the railway station on the way, we got down near the station itself. Near the station, we spotted a small restaurant, and we had dosa and tea there. The time was 17:00 hrs. Two hours to go. We settled down on the benches in the railway station. After sometime, when it was announced that our train would arrive on platform 3, we moved to platform 3. During this time, we noticed that activists of a political party were traveling to Bangalore. They first crowded into the Rani Chennamma express, but their leaders directed them to the Sampark Kranti express. These people did not possess reservations, but nevertheless crowded into the reserved compartments, despite repeated requests by their leaders over the P.A system, not to do so. They occupied the berths forcefully, and reacted rudely to anybody who dared question them. Perhaps it was the crowd-psychology – they were making it a point to act rudely, and act boisterously. However, by some stroke of luck, our berths were cleared out and we settled down to sleep by 21:00. However we had not had dinner yet, since the train had not stopped anywhere, and the pantry car had closed down since the time the activists got on. However when the train reached Hubli, there was a large contingent of the Railway Protection Force waiting to receive us. They swarmed on to the train and expelled people without reservations from each reserved coach before meticulously locking and securing the coach. However, we could not purchase any food from Hubli either, since there was a lathi-charge outside. Each time the train moved, somebody would pull the chain, and the train was forced to halt. After a series of such halts, we left Hubli about 45 minutes behind schedule. We had to sate our hunger with a pack of biscuits and water.However, the train made up for lost time, and we reached Yeshwantpur ahead of schedule. We reached home in about 20 minutes and then began the wait for the transcripts.. Hope it doesn’t take more than a week… 🙂



  1. Thanks a lot for the detailed account 🙂 .. It did helped me to prepare for my transcripts.
    Could you let me know on whose name should the DD be drawn ?

    Comment by inviz30 — May 4, 2008 @ 2:43 pm | Reply

  2. Yup.. The DD has to be drawn in the name of: “The Finance Officer, VTU, Belgaum”

    Comment by augustborn — May 4, 2008 @ 7:08 pm | Reply

  3. Awesome info dude !! I am going to take your directions word to word. You are the “Good Samaritan” of the digital age.

    Comment by Praveen Kulkarni — June 11, 2008 @ 5:16 pm | Reply

  4. Thank u.. 🙂 Good to know that the info is of help..

    Comment by augustborn — June 11, 2008 @ 9:14 pm | Reply

  5. Hi folks,
    I am currently in US. Could you please direct how can I obtain the transcript? I see the details on VTU website. But I guess one cannot do it online.
    please help me out.

    Thanks in advance,

    Comment by Hemant Dwivedy — June 14, 2008 @ 8:17 am | Reply

  6. hi…just wanted to know if registrar of evaluation is needed to get pdc also n do i need to get transcripts when i get to the university in the US or is it just for application coz some ppl here are taking abt 10 transcripts even after getting admits…thx a lot n on what days is he available?

    Comment by sk — July 1, 2008 @ 1:51 pm | Reply

  7. @Hemant: I guess you have to apply through the examination section of your college. Probably this can be done on your behalf by someone else; better to check with the college.

    @SK: I’m not sure about PDC.. Look, if you’re not in too much of a hurry, you can apply for PDC and transcripts through the examination section of your college.. Transcripts are a must for applying to universities in the US.. I think 2-3 extra copies of transcripts should suffice.. Once you get to the university you MUST produce original marks cards and certificates.. As regarding registrar’s availability, you must call on the phone number mentioned above and check out – there are no fixed days on which he is available.. Hope this answers your query, guys 🙂

    Comment by augustborn — July 1, 2008 @ 2:02 pm | Reply

  8. hi mate..!! got to ask a simple question….u mention of the application given to u fill up and submit along with the xerox copy of mark sheets….is this application available online to fill up and send in the mail to them?

    Coz i called them up last week and they said to send a DD,xerox copies,a letter giving details like purpose and Student ID’s stuff….but they didn’t said anything about filling application…?…so mate if u got any URL or pdf file which i can download would be great help…thanx in advance ..cheers

    Comment by anil maurya — July 15, 2008 @ 12:49 pm | Reply

  9. No i do not know of any online form that you can fill up.. that letter you mention should suffice.. basically the form has details like DD amount, number of copies, college name, etc.. make sure you put those details in your letter.. 🙂

    Comment by augustborn — July 15, 2008 @ 2:06 pm | Reply

  10. Good piece of info…

    Comment by Shipra Dhain — August 13, 2008 @ 9:11 pm | Reply

  11. HI SREEJITH… i’m nishanth.. just completed my BE. i wanted to get my PDC… i heard that we can directly send the DD with the aapl form 2 belgaum…. u have ny idea wher i can find that form in net?

    Comment by nishanth — September 23, 2008 @ 10:44 am | Reply

  12. Hey Nishanth.. I do not know of any form that’s available on the net for this purpose.. the examination section of your college will have a procedure, and you should ask them about it.. or you could send a DD with a letter stating the purpose directly to Belgaum.. good luck with your transcripts!!

    Comment by augustborn — September 23, 2008 @ 9:48 pm | Reply

  13. Hi Thanks a lot for the detailed info about availing the transcripts. Could you please let me know how many days it would take for us to receive the transcripts by post (is it a month or so?)and is it necessary to attest the photocopy of the sem marks card.

    Comment by Sourabha — October 1, 2008 @ 9:25 am | Reply

  14. Hey Sourabha.. They claim to send it within a week of getting ur application on file.. in any case, it shud be well within a month.. and it is better to send attested copies of marks cards.. i did it that way.. never know what rules these guys have currently.. anyways, all the best!!

    Comment by augustborn — October 1, 2008 @ 9:31 am | Reply

  15. can u please tell me . how to get 2nd puc transcripts for applying to US universities

    Comment by gopinath — October 15, 2008 @ 12:46 pm | Reply

  16. @Gopinath: I dont think you need to get 2nd PUC transcripts.. U can just send copies of the 2nd PUC marks card, and produce the original when u arrive in the US..

    Comment by augustborn — October 15, 2008 @ 7:32 pm | Reply

    • hi,my question is to take provisional degree markssheet can we send xerox copy of our markssheet plz reply

      Comment by priya — March 20, 2010 @ 10:31 am | Reply

      • Hi Priya,

        Do you mean provisional degree certificate or 8th sem marks card? For the PDC, I think there is a form available with the examination section of your college, you just need to fill that up and send it. I don’t remember whether the xerox copies are required, but you can check that with the exam section in your college when you go to submit the PDC application form. Good luck!!

        Comment by augustborn — March 20, 2010 @ 8:37 pm

  17. hi,
    i need my transcripts within a week.. so wat should i do to get it??? n its been more than a month i applied for pdc i haven’t yet recieved it.. if i go there will i b able to get there immediately as deadlines for universities is 1st nov?

    Comment by jayashree — October 18, 2008 @ 8:43 pm | Reply

  18. Hi Jayashree,

    I think you need to call VTU and find out the days that the registrar is available. If you go to the university on the day the registrar is available, you may be able to get the transcripts the same day. Good Luck!!

    Comment by augustborn — October 18, 2008 @ 8:52 pm | Reply

  19. k thanks a lot, i’ll call them up n verify.. have a great dy

    Comment by jayashree — October 21, 2008 @ 10:52 am | Reply

  20. Hi,

    Are the application form for the transcript available online. I might not be able to go to belgaum….Is there anyway possible for someone else to collect the transcripts for me…

    Comment by Mayank — October 21, 2008 @ 12:28 pm | Reply

  21. Hi Mayank,

    I never found the applications online, but you could write them a letter clearly explaining how many copies you want, the address to which it should be sent to, the DD and attested copies of marks cards attached. And yes, anybody else could collect them on your behalf at belgaum too.. Good luck with your transcripts!!

    Comment by augustborn — October 21, 2008 @ 6:47 pm | Reply

  22. ok….thanks a lot….I guess i will do that

    Comment by Mayank — October 22, 2008 @ 2:50 pm | Reply

  23. Can anyone please update whether the telephone number for the registrar provided in the blog above is still correct(0831- 2498136).I called this number but didnt get any response from the other end.

    Comment by sayan — October 27, 2008 @ 2:00 pm | Reply

  24. hi dude…
    i need a little clarification on the dd amount.

    i called up the registrar he said Rs. 250 for the first copy, Rs.150 for every subsequent copy and i did not understand his english properly

    i am confused…

    my question is …

    now suppose i want to have 6 copies of transcripts for each semester

    how should i calculate my total amount

    for eg: for 1st semeter transcripts
    250 for 1st copy
    and 150 X 5 =750 for other 5 copies
    and a total of 1000 rupees for 1st semester transcripts.

    is that correct?


    a total of 250 for 1-8 semester transcripts(first copy)
    every set of subsequent 1-8 semester transcripts is 150..

    dude please help me… i am going to belgaum on
    5th of november

    i am waiting for your response…

    please …please..please..

    Comment by gopinath — October 31, 2008 @ 1:15 pm | Reply

  25. Hi Gopinath,

    The transcript is a single sheet of paper with the marks of all semesters printed on it. Therefore, your calculation should be as follows:

    1 x 250 = 250
    + 5 x 150 = 750
    = 1000.
    You get all you need for 1000 Rs.
    Did I confuse you further? 🙂

    Comment by augustborn — October 31, 2008 @ 8:07 pm | Reply

  26. dude..thanks….
    u did not confuse me now….
    u have introduced a new concept ,,,,, just kidding!!!!

    anyways i wasn’t knowing that all semester marks are printed on a single transcript…………that is bit new.. i totally misunderstood the concept before….

    dude where r u currently?, i mean , which school have u joined nw? what r u doing?

    just out of curiousity…..!!!!!!!

    Comment by gopinath — November 1, 2008 @ 6:11 am | Reply

  27. Hi Sreejith
    I appreciate u for maintaining a blog and guiding confused students by giving them enough info.

    Comment by Naren — November 1, 2008 @ 10:22 pm | Reply

  28. Im currently doing my MS at the University of Missouri – Kansas City.

    @Naren: Thanks for your kind comment. More and more comments on this blog are helping it to rank better on Google searches; this helps more and more students to find this blog. So all you readers are doing a wonderful job too!!

    Comment by augustborn — November 1, 2008 @ 10:48 pm | Reply

  29. thax a lot dude

    Comment by mithilesh — November 4, 2008 @ 10:33 pm | Reply

  30. Nice Information Dude………

    Comment by Ragahv — November 5, 2008 @ 9:50 am | Reply

  31. Hi ,
    I wanted to know if it would enough to get the consolidated marks crd.. which contains all the semester marks woud that be the same as the transcripts what u ve mentioned

    Comment by Bhuvana — November 11, 2008 @ 10:49 pm | Reply

  32. Hi Bhuvana,

    That depends on the university you are applying to you. please check with them before applying for your transcripts.

    Good luck!!

    Comment by augustborn — November 12, 2008 @ 3:39 am | Reply

  33. Yup thanks a lot. Will check into that. and also for the transcripts do i have to take the DD in denominations of 250 and 150 bucks or say full amount 1000 bucks for 6 transcripts? and also may i kno wat all a transcript contains? i know its a stupid question but haven seen it before thats why:)

    Comment by Bhuvana — November 12, 2008 @ 2:23 pm | Reply

  34. You may take a single DD for the whole amount. From what I remember, a transcript is a single sheet of paper with the marks of all semesters on it, much like a consolidated marks card. It also has a nice little letter that introduces the university and grading patterns to the recipient. Don’t worry, they will give you an extra copy, you can keep that for yourself 🙂

    Comment by augustborn — November 12, 2008 @ 8:34 pm | Reply

  35. Thanks Dude!!!!!!!! May i know Which univ u r in?

    Comment by Bhuvana — November 13, 2008 @ 10:31 am | Reply

  36. Im at the University of Missouri – Kansas City..

    Comment by augustborn — November 13, 2008 @ 8:21 pm | Reply

  37. Oh Ok thats cool!!! How do i get to know about the deadlines of the univ ? is there any link that u can provide me?

    Comment by Bhuvana — November 15, 2008 @ 9:47 am | Reply

  38. Nice guide through the perils of VTU :-0 Thanks a lot

    Comment by Puneeth — November 15, 2008 @ 3:56 pm | Reply

  39. Hi all..pls help me out with counselor asked me to get an unconsolidated transcript from Belgaum since the consolidated ones are not accepted in a few wat is an unconsolidated transcript??any info regarding this would be appreciated.thanks.

    Comment by Adarsh — November 16, 2008 @ 9:54 pm | Reply

  40. The best way would be to ask your counselor to draft the letter to VTU.. 🙂 or else, u can ask VTU guys for semester-wise transcripts.. if you are going there personally, tell them that you would like the transcripts for each semester separately.. and when u manage doing it, please leave a comment on the procedure!!

    If anyone has an answer to this, please post it as a comment.. would help the others.. 🙂

    Comment by augustborn — November 16, 2008 @ 10:18 pm | Reply

  41. hey… doesn’t transcript contain syllabus too?,,

    or do we- VTU students have to mail syllabus separately to the university???,,. and that too attested rite??

    pls reply guys,,

    Comment by David — November 19, 2008 @ 8:26 pm | Reply

  42. I think attested copies should do – my university accepted that. But better to check with the university beforehand. I haven’t seen the syllabus on the transcripts.

    Comment by augustborn — November 19, 2008 @ 8:29 pm | Reply

  43. Hi Buddy…thanks for the info..I’ll surely benefit from this…keep up the good work.

    Comment by Deepak — November 20, 2008 @ 8:38 pm | Reply

  44. we hav to send marksheets too along with transcripts..?? transcript contains all the marks of every semester….plz reply ,, urgent

    Comment by David — November 22, 2008 @ 8:06 pm | Reply

  45. Hi Sreejith
    I hope u remember me.

    I need a small clarification,
    Is it mandatory that I ve to get the college principal’s signature to apply for consolidated marks cards?
    and also do I ve to carry the original marks cards? or do I need attestation on the photocopies of MCs ?

    plz reply fast Im going to Belgaum tonight.

    Thank u.

    Comment by Naren — November 23, 2008 @ 1:34 pm | Reply

  46. I have no idea about the consolidated marks cards.. Better to carry everything, just to be on the safer side.. 🙂

    Comment by augustborn — November 23, 2008 @ 8:46 pm | Reply

  47. hey guys.if you are planning to go to Belgaum any time now,i heard the registrar is really busy and not available at the might be a waste.

    Comment by scavenger32 — November 24, 2008 @ 9:56 pm | Reply

  48. Hi guys
    I ve been to Belgaum a couple of days earlier.
    Every thing went on well. As everyone on this blog saying, u need to confirm the registrar’s availability before heading to VTU.
    For that u ll ve to call the registrar’s office before booking ur trip.
    If u can submit all the request forms with the corresponding photocopies by 11AM at the Registrar office, u ll get ur required documents by 4PM or else u can request them to post the documents to ur mailing address which u ll mention in the request form, but it might take a week or ten days.

    Carry everything u ve got (photocopies x 2 sets).
    For those who r applying for consolidated marks cards..carry all the MCs (photocopies) . Calculate ur first attempt totals and the no of attempts u took to clear that particular semester for which u require a consolidated marks card.

    Hereunder are the amounts for which DD is to be drawn favouring
    “The Finance Officer, VTU, Belgaum” payable at BELGAUM

    PDC — 200/-

    Transcripts — 250/- for 1st copy
    150/- for each subsequent copy

    Consolidated MC — 300/- per semester
    (for this u need to submit the photocopies of all the MCs including the FAIL MCs and u should ve cleared all the subjects of that particular semester)

    Single consolidated statement of marks — 500/-
    (for this u need to submit photocopy of 8th sem MC and u should ve cleared all Engg. subjects)

    * Draw separate DD for every individual document.
    However u can draw a single DD for all the semesters consolidated marks cards
    i.e 300 x no. of sems for which con. MC required..
    Same as above in the case of Transcripts also
    eg:- a single DD of Rs.1000 for 6 Transcripts

    Buy DDs at ur home town to save time but make sure that the amount is correct and exact.Otherwise there is State Bank of Mysore in front of VTU admin office which will be open by 10.30 AM.

    For those who r planning a jolly trip…..
    U can accomplish ur work at VTU in a single day (if u r early enough) and u can spend the rest of ur vacation at Goa which is a 250 minute drive from Belgaum, but the road is really horrible.

    Thank u guys.
    Thank u Sreejith.

    Comment by Naren — November 29, 2008 @ 1:12 am | Reply

    • hi Naren,

      i read ur comment and it is really a good one.but i need little more information from u.please help.what i need consolidated marks for 4 semisters(2nd to 5th sem).i have the marks cards but i lost 3 subjects marks it ok if i submit the photocopy of marks i have?

      Comment by Roopesh — December 22, 2009 @ 12:48 pm | Reply

      • @Roopesh: Looks like Naren and Ganapathi are no longer following this blog 🙂 No idea what to do in case of lost marks cards, buddy.. The best option is to pay a visit to your regional VTU office..

        Comment by augustborn — December 27, 2009 @ 7:40 am

    • hi. i want to ask you that if we are early there in the registrar office and submit all the copies before 11 am than can we get all our required documents on the same day..
      I am basically applying for individual consolidate marks card from 1-7 sem and also for provisional degree.


      Comment by mayank — September 2, 2011 @ 3:18 am | Reply

      • @mayank: Depends on whether the registrar is in the office on that day. Even if he is in, there is no guarantee.

        Comment by augustborn — September 2, 2011 @ 3:21 am

    • hi
      can u tell me When we are applying for consolidate marks card, we will get the marks card with only passing marks rite, no matter how many times you have attempted that particular subject..?
      For ex. if i have cleared a particular subject in my 2nd attempt in my consolidate marks card the marks of that subject will be of your second attempt rite. plz guide about this..?
      and difference between transcript and consolidated marks card..

      Comment by mayank — September 3, 2011 @ 6:16 pm | Reply

      • @Mayank: Please read through the comments below.

        Comment by augustborn — September 3, 2011 @ 8:16 pm

  49. Thanks for the updates, Naren 🙂

    Comment by augustborn — November 29, 2008 @ 1:22 am | Reply

  50. You are always welcome brother…

    Comment by Naren — November 29, 2008 @ 7:39 pm | Reply

  51. hey guys, i need a consolidated marks card of my 5h sem and also transcripts. I have applied for the consolidated marks card thru post (sent a copy of 5th sem marks cards along with a letter). its already been a month and i havent yet recieved it. How can i enquire about the status?

    Also, wat difference will a consolidated marks card make with respect to the contents in transcripts? should i get my consolidated MC first and then apply for the transcripts?

    Please advice.

    Comment by Darshini — December 1, 2008 @ 2:01 pm | Reply

  52. Hi Darshini,
    I think you should call the registrar’s office on the number mentioned in the blog. They would be able to tell you the status of your application. 1 month is a long time. I do not know the exact difference between a consolidated marks card and the transcript, but for most universities, transcripts suffice, you don’t need both. Anyways better to check with the university.

    Good Luck!!

    Comment by augustborn — December 1, 2008 @ 7:52 pm | Reply

  53. hey guys,
    i m planning to go to VTU tomorrow or after 3 days, to get my transcripts. also i m getting transcripts for my friends who have given me a authorization letter, other then that do i need to take anything else such as marks cards of my friends as well as mine.

    Comment by sim — December 3, 2008 @ 10:38 pm | Reply

  54. Yes, you would need to take copies of marks cards of all the people you are applying for.

    Comment by augustborn — December 3, 2008 @ 11:16 pm | Reply

  55. thanks dude

    Comment by sim — December 4, 2008 @ 10:21 am | Reply

  56. can u please let me know in whose name the DD for getting PDC should be drawn?
    and the amount?

    Comment by dilip — December 8, 2008 @ 11:10 am | Reply

  57. hey dude…. u know what ,u have done a good job….
    the kind of information you have mentioned , just solves all the doubts…….

    i really appreciate this effort from you….
    my experience in bringing the transcripts, is exactly the same as you have mentioned, except that i brought the transcripts on a single day…

    very good and keep up the good work…

    seriously man, the moment i went to the examination section, i was knowing exactly what to do… because you have given the accurate information….

    if u were really in front of me , i would have given you a big hug……

    thank u very much friend…………..

    Comment by gopinath s k — December 9, 2008 @ 10:27 am | Reply

  58. Dilip , the DD should be drawn in favour of


    Comment by gopinath s k — December 9, 2008 @ 10:28 am | Reply

  59. @Gopinath: Great to know that the info is of use.. 🙂 And thank you so much for replying to questions on the blog – way to go!!

    Comment by augustborn — December 9, 2008 @ 10:33 am | Reply

  60. hi darshini….

    with respect to consolidated marks card is concerned,

    imagine that you have 2 marks card for a single semester,that is because u cleared a subject of the semester in 2 attempts,
    a consolidated marks card mentions all the subjects of a given semester, in a single marks card along with the subject for which you had 2 attempts to finish…

    but transcript is a single sheet of paper, that mentions the marks of all the semesters (1-8 semesters) if you have finished the degree or (1-6 semesters) marks if you are in the final year of engineering irrespective of the branch.

    so as you can infer, a consolidated marks card will never have any effect in the transcript information as transcript indicates only the marks and the number of attempts, done to clear the subjects…..

    is this the answer to your question?

    Comment by gopinath s k — December 9, 2008 @ 10:39 am | Reply

    • Hi ganapathi,

      i read ur comment and i have 1 doubt regarding consolidation of marks be franks i have taken 4 attempts to clear a subject and i have lost one fail marks card and the one i it is possible for me to get consolidated marks card by submitting photocopy of other 2 marks cards? please help me…thank you

      Comment by Roopesh — December 22, 2009 @ 12:56 pm | Reply

  61. Thanks for the info Gopinath.

    Yes it is definitely an answer to my question.

    I thought if i could provide my consolidated marks card, for the transcripts, i could have the “number of attempts” not printed on the transcripts. 😉

    So, u suggest i go to VTU for the transcripts without waiting for my consolidated marks card, right?

    Comment by Darshini — December 9, 2008 @ 11:42 am | Reply

  62. Hi Darshini

    The answer to your question is YES.
    You can go to VTU and get your transcripts which most of the foreign universities demand.

    Instead of waiting for your consolidated marks cards you can get ur Transcripts and apply to universities right away.

    The no. of attempts will be printed on the Transcripts but on the consolidated marks cards only the actual semester exam month in which u cleared the subject will be printed for all the subjects.

    Even u can enquire about ur applied cons. mark cards and also take them personally if they are not yet posted.

    But remember to carry necessary proof that u r the one to whom the documents belong, for this college ID will do good and also dont forget to carry all the marks cards (photocopies) including fail marks cards.

    Good Luck.

    Comment by Naren — December 9, 2008 @ 6:36 pm | Reply

  63. hi, guys i have posted my very recent experience of visiting to VTU at

    I have tried to give almost , complete information about VTU and the procedure to obtain transcripts, CMC’s and PDC’s.

    after all, u all know about our own VTU website which is utterly outdated.

    regards to all
    -Gopinath S K

    Comment by gopinathsk — December 13, 2008 @ 1:43 pm | Reply

  64. hi, guys i have posted my very recent experience of visiting to VTU at

    I have tried to give almost , complete information about VTU and the procedure to obtain transcripts, CMC’s and PDC’s.

    after all, u all know about our own VTU website which is utterly outdated.

    regards to all
    -Gopinath S K

    Comment by gopinathsk — December 13, 2008 @ 1:45 pm | Reply

  65. DEAR ALL,

    Comment by VENU — January 2, 2009 @ 5:10 pm | Reply

  66. Venu,

    Some of my friends told me that they applied by post and got it, though i am not so sure. Please call VTU and ask them before sending the DD..

    Comment by augustborn — January 2, 2009 @ 8:04 pm | Reply

  67. I need to know that whether I can collect the 8th sem marks card from the VTU belgaum itself as it is not arrived to the college and i need it urgently as i am applying for VISA process

    Comment by Sathish.P — January 3, 2009 @ 9:56 am | Reply

  68. Can somebody pls provide conatct nos of VTU
    it is urgent

    Comment by VENU — January 3, 2009 @ 12:05 pm | Reply

  69. Try these numbers
    0831-2498136 / 2498135

    Comment by Praveen Kulkarni — January 23, 2009 @ 7:51 pm | Reply

  70. hi…..i got a back in 5th sem will it be able to produce in one marks card and get the total marks of including cleared back subject……and do the companies see the marks from 5th to 8th sem or the aggregate of all the semesters

    Comment by priyanko — February 11, 2009 @ 9:29 pm | Reply

    • Hi priyanko,

      I guess the answer to your question is the consolidated marks card, but I guess that is available to you only after the 8th sem.. somebody here please correct me if I am wrong.. 🙂 and many companies look at the aggregate.. very few in my experience look only at 5-8 sems.. Good luck!!

      Comment by augustborn — February 11, 2009 @ 9:32 pm | Reply

  71. Thanks a lot dude! Really helpful.

    Just a question. I need to get my degree certificate attested. Can I initiate this process by post or do I have to physically go to Belgaum? If yes, do you know the postal address and what I need to send besides the DD? I don’t reside in India hence it’s kind of difficult. Do let me know.

    Comment by FS — February 12, 2009 @ 12:02 pm | Reply

    • Hi Fahad,

      My experience has been that you have to physically go to get your certificate copies attested. Also, it need not be done by VTU, you could get it done by the principal of your college; however, you will need to show him the original certificate before getting the copy attested.

      Comment by augustborn — February 12, 2009 @ 12:06 pm | Reply

  72. Hi Augustborn,
    Nice work it cleared most of my doubts:)

    I suppose to complete my B.E (VTU) on July 2009.And I’m planning to apply for M.E at SA university, Adelaide.Courses will be commenced from feb 15th.So i need to apply as soon as possible..

    1)When do I get my original degree certificate?(Approx month)

    2)When do I get my 8sem original marks card?
    (approx date)

    4)Is it possible for me to get a provisional 8sem marks card as soon as I get my results, in case of 8sem marks card is late?

    3)How provisional degree certificate looks like?
    Is it a simple paper or properly printed certificate like our marks cards?

    waiting for your reply 🙂

    Comment by Divya — February 14, 2009 @ 1:11 am | Reply

    • Hey Divya,
      I give you these answers based on my experience:
      1)Approximately around February-March.
      2) 8th sem original marks card will take as much time as it took for other semesters.
      4) I have not heard of a provisional marks card for 8th sem; you could check witht he examination section of your college, though.
      3) Provisional degree certificate is a proper certificate, though not laminated like the degree certificate or semester marks cards(atleast during my time it was like this).

      Good luck!!

      Comment by augustborn — February 14, 2009 @ 2:58 am | Reply

  73. Thank you Augustborn:)
    Do you mean 8sem marks card is released before degree certificate?So When did you get your 8sem marks card ?Did you get it atleast on Oct?
    And what heading they have mentioned on Provisional degree certificate?Is it “Provisional degree certificate” or just “Degree Certificate”…?

    Were you asked to submit original degree certificate when you enter to your uni?(I mean on the first day because if I get my Degree certificate on March then I have a problem on my hand..)

    Comment by Divya — February 15, 2009 @ 2:24 am | Reply

    • Divya,
      Yes, 8th sem marks card is issued way before the degree certificate.. I do not know when it came to the college, i picked it up somewhere in November or December, after they called repeatedly n begged me to collect it 😀 provisional degree certificate mentions clearly that itz a “Provisional Degree Certificate”.. Most universities accept the PDC and allow you to submit the degree certificate when you receive it.. but best to write to the university and ask.. 🙂

      Comment by augustborn — February 15, 2009 @ 2:41 am | Reply

  74. Thank You:)

    Comment by Divya — February 16, 2009 @ 10:18 pm | Reply

  75. hi sir,

    i have a backlock of 7th sem,but now i have passed that and i have cleared that too…i got passed results in previous week of this i want the original marks card,can i get it directly from belgaum….

    Comment by ramesh — February 22, 2009 @ 10:57 pm | Reply

  76. plz reply me……sir

    Comment by ramesh — February 22, 2009 @ 11:00 pm | Reply

  77. Ramesh,
    I think you have to get marks cards from your college itself.. Anyway, pls call VTU and confirm.. Good luck!!

    Comment by augustborn — February 22, 2009 @ 11:00 pm | Reply

  78. Hello..
    1st of all thnx to everyone.. I have got all the info i wanted.. I will be on my way to Belgaum shortly.. & i was really puzzled about the whole procedure..

    I have just one more thing to ask.. In case if i don get it by the same day, & i decide to stay back in Belgaum only, assuming that the registrar is available, can i collect it my self on the next day ?

    @ Sreejith… U have done a wonderful job.. By the way i am applying to Missouri university of science n tech Rolla.. Is the same wr u r now.. If yes, would mind giving me ur mail id ?? I am from SIT,Tumkur, 8th sem, mech.

    Thank you again…

    Comment by Saurabh — March 2, 2009 @ 4:44 am | Reply

    • Hi Saurabh,
      If the registrar is available only on the next day, inform the guy at the counter that you will pick it up in person the next day. Or else you can submit the application on the next day itself..
      I’m not at Rolla, but in Kansas City.. will mail you my email id anyways.. 🙂

      Comment by augustborn — March 2, 2009 @ 4:49 am | Reply

  79. Hi!
    i would like to know the procedure of changing the mailing address for the degree certificate. Kindly let me know if u have any information on this…
    Regards Nikhildev.

    Comment by Nikhildev — March 3, 2009 @ 10:55 am | Reply

  80. hi,i had failed in one subject of my third sem and i have cleared it in the second attempt.can i apply for a consolidated marks card?
    what is a consolidated marks card anyway?

    Comment by Adarsh — March 19, 2009 @ 3:37 pm | Reply

  81. @Nikhildev: I’m not aware of changing the mailing address – maybe you could check with your college or ring up VTU..

    @Adarsh: Your consolidated marks card will have the marks of all semesters on the same document.. Anybody can apply for a consolidated marks card, but I think you have to clear all your semesters before applying.. not sure, maybe somebody on this blog will read your question and let you know 🙂

    Comment by augustborn — March 19, 2009 @ 5:58 pm | Reply

  82. hey i am currently in my 8 th sem, i am applying for my masters from uk,hav received an offer letter ,but i need to produce my pdc,so just wondering how many days will it take to obtain pdc even applying immediately after obtaining de result,coz my course starts from 14 sep.

    Comment by manasa — April 16, 2009 @ 10:44 pm | Reply

    • @Manasa: I obtained by pdc about 2-3 weeks after the 8th sem results were out.. So I expect even you will get it soon. Anyways, this can be handled by the examination section of your college, please do enquire with them also. Good luck!!

      Comment by augustborn — April 16, 2009 @ 10:48 pm | Reply

  83. Hi guys,

    I still haven’t got my degree certificate. when enquired in coll, they told, if ur address is not proper or changed the address then it ll go back to VTU not to coll. So, i am trying to call VTU office and no phone number is working. Can any1 pls tell me what to do? What is the correct number of VTU now?

    Please respond ASAP…..

    Comment by Dilip — April 20, 2009 @ 6:57 am | Reply

    • @Dilip: Try these numbers: 0831-2498136/35.

      Comment by augustborn — April 20, 2009 @ 7:02 am | Reply

  84. Hi guys,
    I wann to get my degree attestation done.. is the form available online?? and is it a must for me to come over or it can b done by post??.. wht r the dd’s i have to send in whose favpor nd whts the amount??

    Comment by imad — May 13, 2009 @ 12:57 pm | Reply

  85. Hi All,

    Need some info on getting attested copy of degree certificate from VTU. I had mailed DD and three copies of my degree certificate to VTU, but when their envelope came back, it only had the transcript. There was no attested degree certificate in it. What do I need to do to get those? Should I send degree cert along with all semester marks cards to get it attested? Is the amount same for this (250 for 1st copy and 150 for every other)? Thanks in advance

    Comment by Akash — May 19, 2009 @ 11:20 pm | Reply

  86. Hi Guys,

    I am passed out in year 2003 from VTU… COuld anyone please let me know how can I get Syllabus of Electrical & Electronics?

    Comment by Pavan — June 17, 2009 @ 4:54 pm | Reply

    • @Pavan: I passed out in 2006 and when I needed my syllabus, I had to do a google search for it.. didn’t find any other source.. 🙂 If there is any other way to get it, maybe somebody will reply to this comment.. Good luck!!

      Comment by augustborn — June 17, 2009 @ 7:40 pm | Reply

  87. Hi
    i got a backlog in 5th sem and i cleared it in the subsequent semester.
    I would like to know if VTU would calculate the aggregate with the failed marks of the subject or with the marks that i passed the subject later?

    Comment by Kedi B — June 28, 2009 @ 2:28 pm | Reply

    • @Shashank: I think the aggregate will be calculated with the marks of the first attempt..

      Comment by augustborn — June 28, 2009 @ 6:56 pm | Reply

  88. ok.. thanks!

    Comment by Kedi B — June 28, 2009 @ 7:26 pm | Reply

  89. Can a student studying in a autonomus college(in karnataka like SIT, Malnad college etc..) can get a mutual exchange in any one of the VTU affiliated colleges…?

    Comment by Sujay — July 1, 2009 @ 9:55 am | Reply

    • @Sujay: Maybe you should check with VTU directly!!

      Comment by augustborn — July 1, 2009 @ 10:38 am | Reply

  90. Hi sreejith. Your blog really helps a lot.
    I just finished my BE in mech this year (a month back) and even got my Provisional Degree Certificate by mail too. I even got an admit in University of Kansas, Lawrence and my VISA too. I’m leaving next month.
    Do I need transcripts at this stage, i.e. to show them once I arrive in US?
    (I never used transcripts while submitting all my documents to the US univ. but used photocopies of my marks card attested by my college registrar).
    SO do I need it at this stage? Please help me cause If I don’t need, I can save a trip to belgaum from mysore.

    Comment by DHAVAL — July 22, 2009 @ 6:04 pm | Reply

    • @Dhaval: That’s really surprising, since universities rarely admit students without providing their transcripts.. Please look at your admit letter and make sure it is not a provisional admission – meaning you have to show them your transcripts when you arrive here.. If I were you, I would still go ahead and get some transcripts just to be on the safe side.. If at all you decide to shift your university later, you will need them.. better to carry them with you rather than have it sent from home, right? But it’s really your discretion.. 🙂 Do email me if you have any doubts regarding your travel or anything else.. Good luck!!

      Comment by augustborn — July 22, 2009 @ 7:09 pm | Reply

      • Hi Dhaval…
        You posted that you got the pdc via email…
        Can u please tell me how did it happen? Whats the procedure to get pdc thru email?

        Plz reply soon.. i m in hurry.. june 2010 passed out.. I got selected for wipro, now they r asking pdc to give offer letter..,, mob: 9686036301

        Comment by subrahmanya — September 15, 2010 @ 12:25 pm

  91. Hey sreejith, hope I bump into u in Kansas some time. .. 🙂

    Comment by DHAVAL — July 22, 2009 @ 6:04 pm | Reply

    • Hey buddy.. I moved permanently to California this month.. so I don’t think I’ll visit Kansas often.. 🙂

      Comment by augustborn — July 22, 2009 @ 7:04 pm | Reply

  92. Dear sreejith,
    I just sent them a mail and they said its better to get the transcript. The only thing mentioned in the e-mail was that I need to show them my original marks sheet of all semester before Dec.15. Nothing about it was mentioned in the acceptance letter accompanying the I-20. Also congratulations on you shifting permanently to California.
    Coming to transcripts: When I enquired in the exam sec. of my college, they said I can apply by mail and I’ll get them soon (I got my PDC by mail within 9-10 days). They gave me an old sheet with the procedure to apply (very old cause the cost of the first copy was still Rs.200/-). According to it I need to send them:
    1.A requisition letter (whats that and addressed to whom?)
    2.Photocopy of semester wise marks sheet.
    3.DD (addressed to the finance officer).
    4.A-4 size envelopes, the number being equal to the number of transcripts required.
    So has any one tried this? If yes how long did it take?

    Comment by DHAVAL — July 23, 2009 @ 6:27 pm | Reply

  93. Hi.
    This is from tumkur….i would like to apply for the PDC…….am having a aggregate of 59.63% from last 4 semester…..My problem is that will i get second class degree in my certificate? or else FC? wil they round up to 60%????PLease reply me,,,

    Comment by PRABHAKARA K C — July 25, 2009 @ 7:41 am | Reply

    • @Prabhakara: I think you should check with the university regarding this!!

      Comment by augustborn — July 26, 2009 @ 8:06 pm | Reply

  94. Hi sreejith,

    thanks for the info on transcripts!!:)
    I have one more Q for u..
    One of the universities in US(Florida) want the transcripts to be sent to them by the institutions/univeristies.

    they say “official transcripts of academic records from each college/university attended muct be forwarded by that institution.Transcripts in possession of the applicants wiill not be accepted”

    how to get this done.please reply as soon as possible..
    thanks in advance!

    Comment by Vijaya — August 7, 2009 @ 3:33 am | Reply

    • @Vijaya: I too faced this problem while applying to universities in the US. One solution would be to check with VTU whether you can pay some fees and have the transcript directly to the university(normally you specify your address and the transcripts are sent to you. Instead, if you can specify the university’s address. This might work, but better to call and check with VTU first). The other option is to tell the university that you are able to send the transcripts in sealed envelopes and ask them if this is acceptable. All the universities that I applied to accepted transcripts in sealed envelopes 🙂

      Comment by augustborn — August 7, 2009 @ 3:39 am | Reply

      • Thank you sooooo much for the quickest reply( just in 9 min!!!) i am so glad..
        thanks again!!!!..will ask the university ppl about this.

        Comment by Vijaya — August 7, 2009 @ 10:07 am

  95. Hi this is PRABHAKARA K C from tumkur….can any one tell the phone number of VTU for my clarification of getting my PDC????
    my problem is that am getting 59.63% of aggregate from last 4 semister…so wat will be the degree i will be getting? Is it a SC or FC? am confused a lot while applying for jobs ……please please suggest me……………….Thank you

    Comment by PRABHAKARA K C — August 9, 2009 @ 5:39 pm | Reply

    • @Prabhakara: There is a phone number in the blog. Did you try that phone number? Your query can be answered only by VTU. Good luck!!

      Comment by augustborn — August 9, 2009 @ 7:52 pm | Reply

  96. Hi Sreejith,
    This is a tremendous help that you are doing!
    Is GRE a must for US Universities? How difficult is GRE? What score is normally acceptable? Please give more information on this. I appreciate.

    Comment by ROY — August 11, 2009 @ 12:23 pm | Reply

    • @Roy: As per my experience, GRE is a must for all universities in the US. I have not come across a single university that does not ask for GRE scores. GRE is not very tough – the quantitative section can be cleared with knowledge of high school maths and some 2-3 months of dedicated study will see you through the verbal part. There are different universities that you can apply to, based on your GRE scores – the best universities generally demand a high score. Personally, I think a GRE score >1300 would be preferable. Hope that answers your questions.. good luck!!

      Comment by augustborn — August 11, 2009 @ 7:24 pm | Reply

  97. can anyone give me the vtu phone nos those two nos are always busy 135/136 tried both i have to get mu transcripts asap

    Comment by karthik — August 12, 2009 @ 1:24 pm | Reply

    • try these numbers – 2498135 – 8139 all are vtu’s but no one picks 90% of the time.

      Comment by Vivek — August 25, 2009 @ 12:29 pm | Reply

  98. can any one tell me the address for sending my draft and application form for consolidation of mark sheet to vtu, belgaum. It’s urgent plz any one tell me….

    Comment by vishal — August 21, 2009 @ 11:13 am | Reply

  99. hey sreejith, nice work to provide the details buddy.. helped me a lot when i visited vtu, some 2 weeks back. i had applied for consolidated marks cards but as they were busy releasing results they said the database is being updated currently and they wouldnt add extra work to it by accessing now as many students would be logging in now and itll be painfully long to get the reqd detail.. so they would send the consolidated marks card by courier in a week.
    its been 3 weeks to-date and no couriers yet! i tried calling them up but they give evasive answers and no one owns up the responsibility n they ask me to call different numbers from 24968135 – 8139 and on top of it they dont pick up 90% of the time!
    I’m considering going there AGAIN! because i don ve too much choices n in interviews they chck my marks n i ve a back in each sem, so thatll leave a bad impression in the beginning itself, atleast by consolidating i’d make it less obvious while browsing thru it. If u have any other phone numbers probably that might help.. thank u fr ur time

    Comment by Vivek — August 25, 2009 @ 12:25 pm | Reply

    • @Vivek: Going there might be the best option, buddy.. Plan to stay there for a couple of days until you’re sure that they have taken up your application.. really sad, the way these guys act.. As far as I had heard, they were more or less prompt in dispatching the marks cards and transcripts.. Anyway, if you’re not getting info over the phone, better to go in person.. Sorry buddy, I think 24968135 – 8139 are all the phones they have.. 🙂 Good luck!!

      Comment by augustborn — August 25, 2009 @ 12:32 pm | Reply

      • thanks fr replying, i ve checked with the post office too just incase it was a problem with the indian postal service 🙂 but they said they havent got any courier from belgaum in my name.. so i guess ill have to go there again! VTU wont stop harrasing even after graduation! lol

        Comment by Vivek — August 28, 2009 @ 2:04 pm

  100. Hey nice post there.
    Can you please provide some info about reaching VTU from bus stand? Any idea about the bus frequency to VTU?
    Thanks 🙂

    Comment by Sudeep — September 4, 2009 @ 11:37 am | Reply

    • @Sudeep: Don’t remember much, but I think you should go up to the bus stand and ask for buses that go to Santhibastawad/VTU. Buses were not very frequent(about once an hour or so) when I went there 2 yrs ago.. There are a lot of autos around too, if you prefer that.. Good luck!!

      Comment by augustborn — September 4, 2009 @ 11:41 am | Reply

  101. thanks. for the info.

    Comment by Sudeep — September 4, 2009 @ 4:39 pm | Reply

  102. Hi,

    I called this number of VTU today (0831-2405468) to check the 8th Sem MC and they told me to call Registrar 0831-2405460. Surprisingly they answered my call! I was told that that are sending the MC within a week. Good Luck Everyone!

    Comment by Aria — September 5, 2009 @ 6:58 pm | Reply

    • @Aria: Thanks so much for sharing the new number!! Good luck with your marks cards and future plans!!

      Comment by augustborn — September 5, 2009 @ 8:43 pm | Reply

  103. Does VTU also convert our percents into GPA? and one more is it necessary to have 8th sem marks card to take transcript as i have not received it till now.Please do reply.

    Comment by Prashant — September 9, 2009 @ 12:55 pm | Reply

    • @Prashanth: I don’t think VTU converts percentages into GPA. If you are applying to universities/institutions that require GPA, they will do the conversion themselves. Each institution has a different scale for conversion. Not sure about your second question – better to check with VTU.. Good luck!!

      Comment by augustborn — September 9, 2009 @ 12:58 pm | Reply

  104. Hi please let me know that how much i hav to pay for consolidated marks card from 1-8 sem, as i have back logs from 1-5 sem,and i have send the DD for pdc on 27th aug 2009 but i have not recieved yet i am staying in bangalore and i dont have the necessary speed post no so please help me out regarding this, as i need very urgently for submit it to company

    Comment by mohammed ammar — September 17, 2009 @ 5:49 am | Reply

    • @Mohammed: Best to check with VTU on the phone nos. listed in the blog.. Good luck!!

      Comment by augustborn — September 17, 2009 @ 9:14 pm | Reply

  105. Hi,
    I was considering to apply to the university ur in U missouri kansas city for an ms in pharmaceutical science.Gre 1340,toefl 110. please tell me if i stand a good chance. Also how is this university? can you give me some info plz

    Comment by Namrata — September 18, 2009 @ 10:16 pm | Reply

  106. Hii fellows this blog is helping a lot to ppl gr8 work buddies….as i have passed out this year but i had 5th sem back which i couldn clear this time and have applied for reval which will be coming by tmmrw or day after as all regions its announce. So my query is tht if i din clear in reval and clear in next tht is dec 09 than wht wil be written on my certificate passing…wil it be same tht is june-july 09 or dec 09 or jan 2010..Plz help out guys as am really worried and pissed of with vtu. as i saw my photocopy and they scribbled a lot on my marks to make it less don knw wht is it….Plz help out buddies…Thanks

    Comment by Shiva — October 1, 2009 @ 2:16 am | Reply

  107. Hello,
    i finished my engg in the month of jun 2009.i need my 8th sem marks card and consolidated marks card.How much is the DD to pay??? hw many DD’s i need to get it done???
    plzzzzzzzz help me..


    Comment by Rijo Raju — October 1, 2009 @ 5:41 pm | Reply

    • @Rijo, Shiva: VTU keeps changing rules every now and then, so I think you guys need to call up VTU and ask.. Good luck!!

      Comment by augustborn — October 1, 2009 @ 7:27 pm | Reply

  108. thanks a lot bro…. it was more than enuf!!!:)

    Comment by badrinath r — October 2, 2009 @ 7:33 pm | Reply

    • @Badrinath:Great to know it was of help.. Good luck!!

      Comment by augustborn — October 2, 2009 @ 7:42 pm | Reply

  109. I really need lots of doubts to be clarified. Please help me.

    Graduated in july 2009

    I’ve given GRE, got 1420 and will be giving TOEFL around 18th Oct. I live in Delhi but did my engg from New Horizon college of engg, Bangalore, which comes under VTU.

    I am planning to go to Bangalore in 1st week November to get the LORs done.

    1.I heard that the form for transcript doesnt ask for the number of transcripts required. So, how do i get 6 copies??

    2.If I go to Bangalore and fill up the form for transcripts, according to people on the net it may even take a month for it to be mailed. So, I may get it by december 1st week. It’ll be quite late. What’s you opinion?

    2. What about provisional degree? Required? how many copies?

    3. Or should I skip all this wait, muster up my courage and go to Belgaum and get it done? How many days would I need in Belgaum, if that’s the case?

    4. Any other stuff needed from college?

    I know its a lot of doubts, but I have nowhere else to get them clarified. Kindly help

    Thanks in advance

    Comment by Anoop Singh — October 7, 2009 @ 1:28 pm | Reply

    • @Anoop:
      1) I don’t remember exactly, but I do think the form asks how many copies you want. In any case, this is straightforward, because I got 10 copies made and I don’t remember facing any difficulties.
      2) Yes, mailing from Bangalore might make it late. Better to call up VTU in Belgaum, ask when the registrar will be available and then go to Belgaum and get it done(you will get it on the same day). However, be prepared to stay in Belgaum for a couple of days.
      3) I think they issue just one copy of the PDC(pls clarify with VTU/your college). I xeroxed the PDC and got the copies attested by the principal.
      4) Going to Belgaum seems to be the best option. Like I said, if the registrar is available, you will get the transcripts on the same day.
      5) I don’t think you would need anything from college. Don’t forget your marks card copies/DD though.

      Hope this clarifies your doubts to some extent. Good luck!!

      Comment by augustborn — October 20, 2009 @ 11:15 pm | Reply

  110. Hey guys, I am a june 2009 passout. I wanted to know whether we will get the PDC in a single day if we directly give the form and the DD in VTU at Belgaum like they give the transcripts in a single day.. Pls let me know..
    Thanks in advance..

    Comment by Sumukh — October 7, 2009 @ 5:32 pm | Reply

    • @Sumukh: No idea on this one. Try asking in your college or call up VTU and ask.

      Comment by augustborn — October 20, 2009 @ 11:15 pm | Reply

  111. HI augustborn ,can we apply for PDC before we get 8 sem marks card?

    Comment by Ajith — October 18, 2009 @ 9:41 pm | Reply

    • @Ajith: Yes, I guess so. I got my PDC way before I got my marks card. This was 3 yrs back though.

      Comment by augustborn — October 20, 2009 @ 11:16 pm | Reply

  112. HI Augustborn,
    Could you plz tell me which marks are mentioned in consolidated marks card and Transcript respectively.

    1)Is it first attempt marks or the marks you obtained when you cleared that subject?
    2)And what about the total marks ?
    3) what is the single consolidated marks card(which we have to pay 500)?What they have mentioned in it?And the difference between transcript and this?

    And if you can plz post some scaned photos of those marks cards .So we will come to know exactly how it looks like(you can erase your personal data :-)… )

    plz take your time to clear my doubts..

    Comment by Rithik — October 19, 2009 @ 12:16 am | Reply

    • @Rithik:
      1) I have no idea on this one. I never had any re-attempts, so don’t know 🙂
      2) Ditto
      3) Consolidated marks card is essentially where all your subject marks for all sems are on a single sheet. The transcript is much the same too, except that you can get many original transcripts. A copy of the transcript is generally invalid. I THINK.. 🙂
      4) I never applied for a consolidated marks card, just got the transcripts done..

      Good luck..

      Comment by augustborn — October 20, 2009 @ 11:19 pm | Reply

      • Consolidated marks card is a merged marks card of first attempt marks card and second attempt marks card(where only second attempt marks are present). The final one would contain the second attempt marks, BUT there will small text below marks “second attemp”

        Comment by Nitish — December 8, 2009 @ 6:34 pm

      • Thanks for sharing that info, Nitish..

        Comment by augustborn — December 14, 2009 @ 8:57 pm

  113. Hi,

    You have mentioned about the PDC. If I am applying for 10 Universities I need 10 copies of PDC. How can I get that, can we apply for 10 copies or should I get the PDC and then get the xerox of it for Registrar seal and sign (I don’t think this is possible)
    Do reply.


    Comment by Ajay — October 20, 2009 @ 11:01 pm | Reply

    • @Ajay: I don’t know how this SHOULD be done, so i’ll Just tell you what I did. I got the PDC, make xerox copies and got the xerox copies attested by the principal. I received admits from 5 univs, so I think it was ok.. Good luck!!

      Comment by augustborn — October 20, 2009 @ 11:21 pm | Reply

  114. Do they also charge for getting sign on xerox copies of 1 to 8th sem marks car (6 copies) as universities are asking for the marks card mentioning the subjects cleared in engineering.

    Ajay R

    Comment by Ajay — October 20, 2009 @ 11:05 pm | Reply

    • @Ajay: I got the attestations done in college by the college principal. So no charge. Don’t know whether they do attestations at VTU..

      Comment by augustborn — October 20, 2009 @ 11:22 pm | Reply

  115. Hi evryone..
    This has helped me with a lot of things…I hav a few question..
    1) what does PDC include?? Can i get it in vtu Belgaum in a day?? since im going there what documents do i take to get it??

    2)Can i get my 8th sem marks card too from VTU belgaum…?? since i cleared a subject in reval… it hasnt yet come to college.

    3) For the Consolidated marks sheet is it completely necessry to get the photocopies attested by the principle??

    Thanks in advance :))

    Comment by Liah — October 21, 2009 @ 10:51 pm | Reply

    • @Liah:
      1) PDC just mentions that you have completed the course and that the degree WILL BE CONFERRED on you on the graduation day. Basically you use it until you get your degree certificate. No idea whether you can get it in Belgaum in a single day. Do call VTU and check.
      2) No idea on marks card. Check with VTU.
      3) For consolidated marks card, don’t know whether it is completely necessary, but better to take attested photocopies.. Better than facing trouble in Belgaum, right?

      Hope this helps..

      Comment by augustborn — October 21, 2009 @ 11:03 pm | Reply

  116. Hi people,

    I need my sisters marks card. She is currently outside India. Any ideas what should be written in the authorization letter?
    Secondly,cant i just take all the copies of the marks card? Is it necessary to get them attested?

    Reply needed asap.. thanks a lot in advance.

    Comment by Sidharth — October 22, 2009 @ 11:55 am | Reply

  117. Hi people,

    I need my sister’s transcripts and she is currently outside India.
    Any ideas what should be written in the authorization letter?Should the authorization letter be attested?
    Secondly,cant i just take all the copies of the marks card? Is it necessary to get them attested?

    Reply needed asap.. thanks a lot in advance.

    Comment by Sidharth — October 22, 2009 @ 11:56 am | Reply

    • @Siddharth: Here’s what I think: If you have copies of the marks card, you can apply for transcripts. I don’t think your sister has to do it personally. I don’t think there’s any need for an authorization letter, either. And though I’ve heard of people getting transcripts done with unattested copies of marks cards, I think it is safe to get them attested. Better to call up VTU and clarify, though. Good luck!!

      Comment by augustborn — October 22, 2009 @ 12:07 pm | Reply

  118. Hi there. Thanks for that nice piece of information.
    I actually have a doubt. I am in 7th sem of mech engg and i will be applying for universities during DEC-JAN.I just wanted to know if transcripts are issued for even final year students or is it only for students who have got all the 8sems results. Plz let me know

    Thank u


    Comment by Ramakrishna — October 22, 2009 @ 10:48 pm | Reply

    • @Ramakrishna: I think transcripts are issued to any student – all the results that have been declared at the time of applying for the transcripts will be included. Anyways, do confirm this with someone in VTU or the exam section in your college. Good luck!!

      Comment by augustborn — October 28, 2009 @ 8:12 pm | Reply

  119. Hey All,

    The past 72 hours have changed the little good opinion that I had about the university that we studied in. The name Visvesvaraya has been spoiled. If he were alive today, he would have asked them to change the name of the university to something else. It cant be more horrible than this. People say that Bangalore University is useless. I claim that ours is 100 times more horrible than BU.

    I got to the VTU site to find contact information. Found a number and tried calling it. The guy who answered told me that the info that I need can be provided by the exam section and gave me 4 different numbers. I have called all of them more than 30 times each – totalling up to more than 120 calls. Nobody has picked my call till now. I called the first number again yesterday and told him about this. The answer that I got was this “You have to call the exam section!!!”. If these guys are normal human beings, they’l understand that nobody is picking calls on those 4 numbers. The idiot finally gave me another number this time and asked me to call on that.

    I just finished a call now and am writing this mail. The person told me to talk to exam section and that the number I had called was not the right one. This fellow if I am not wrong is the Registrar Evaluation, VTU. He has no respect for other people. When I told him that I have been calling the 4 numbers since monday, he told me to stop lying and hung up the call. When I called the first number again, that idiot told me to contact the EXAM SECTION. Are these people playing with us? Havent we paid money for our education? Has VTU not profited from all the money that they have taken from us? Is it wrong to ask for info? Is this the state of the university? Is it so low?

    What is the best thing that we can do in such cases??? CONTACT THE EXAM SECTION TILL SOMEONE FINALLY DECIDES TO PICK UP???

    Comment by Razer — October 28, 2009 @ 4:07 pm | Reply

    • It is totally disappointing to know that a university that was named after a great man is in this state…

      Comment by Razer — October 28, 2009 @ 4:18 pm | Reply

    • @Razer: It’s really unfortunate that they do this to students.. I have heard lots of experiences like this, and I guess I was just plain lucky to have not faced all this!! There are a few numbers mentioned in the blog as well as in the comments section of this blog.. why don’t you try calling those numbers? Many of our friends here have tried those numbers and found them working. If you’re applying for transcripts and you’re not getting anybody to pick your calls, then I think the best option is to make a trip to Belgaum!! Do let us know how it goes, and Good luck!!

      Comment by augustborn — October 28, 2009 @ 8:10 pm | Reply

      • @augustborn: These are just a few numbers :). I have a list of them. About 8, if I am not wrong. Will let you guys know how it goes. I called up the regional office in Bangalore since that is where I stay and that was the last option I had before talking to the administration department at college. Though I got the info, the call was equally horrible. I tried explaining to them what had happened but the reply I got was this “Don’t explain all that to me!!!”.

        I told this to many people I know. 95% of them had only one thing to say…”Adjust and move on. It happens”.

        Comment by Razer — October 28, 2009 @ 10:29 pm

  120. Hello,

    @Sreejith – your doing a fantastic job! keep it up!

    I am planning to study in the UK and got admits in 3 of the univ’s.
    I applied for Consolidated marks cards on Aug 12 and received it on Oct 30. According to my college, Atria Inst of Tech, Bangalore, people in exam section told me CMC’s will be available within a month or max 1 month! On the contrary, I received it just before 90 days! I forgot to ask my counsellor about the PDC and even got unconditional offer from three univ’s. Now in order to apply for VISA in UK, my counsellor told me that PDC is mandatory. I feel sorry now as I have only about 15 days time to apply for the VISA, I have no other option other than a trip to Belgaum.

    In my college, I asked exam section, they told me to visit Belgaum instead of waiting. They told me I would receive the PDC same day.

    I have CMC’s so my query is that do I also require transcripts at any stage, or CMC’s will suffice?
    Do I require any other documents, transcripts or marksheets as I am planning a trip to Belgaum soon?

    Thanks a lot in advance!
    You guys are doing wonderful job!

    Comment by Karthik — October 31, 2009 @ 3:19 pm | Reply

    • @Karthik: Thank you 🙂 Congrats on your admits buddy.. way to go!! Don’t worry about the pdc and cmc.. you have 15 days right, just go to belgaum and get it. I’m not sure whether you will require transcripts, but if I were you, I would get 2 copies of the transcripts, just to be on the safe side!! For transcripts, you need to take along attested copies of your marks cards. On the other hand, don’t despair if you don’t get transcripts – most universities will oblige if you produce original marks cards.. you will need transcripts when applying for jobs, etc. abroad.. Good luck and congrats again!!

      Comment by augustborn — October 31, 2009 @ 8:05 pm | Reply

  121. Thank you buddy!!:) As per your advice, I will get two transcripts.
    Official transcript costs Rs 250
    and additional copy – 150
    Provisional degree certificate – 200
    Am I correct?
    Two transcripts would be sufficient right? I am not applying to any of the universities.
    Is there any other transcript or sheets available in VTU that I may require? 😀
    I got to be safe atleast this time, dont mind asking this again:)

    Due to my negligence, I did not enquire about the PDC before. It is a pain VTU does not have any branch office (atleast to provide transcripts) in important cities like Bangalore. Just to receive a transcript one has to travel all the way to Belgaum! It is high time they setup and behave responsibly.
    I will call and find out if the registrar is available before going to Belgaum.
    Will share my experiences 😀
    Thanks a lot for your suggestion!!

    Comment by Karthik — November 1, 2009 @ 12:48 pm | Reply

  122. well iv already applied for the transcripts… my big question is when did u actually get them? in a week???

    Comment by zoozoo — November 3, 2009 @ 7:00 am | Reply

    • @zoozoo: That’s right, I got them in a week 🙂

      Comment by augustborn — November 3, 2009 @ 7:10 am | Reply

    • Hey how many set of marks cards we need to send to get 4 transcipts… i mean to say for 4 transcripts do we need to send 4 sets of marks cards?

      Comment by Smitha — April 6, 2010 @ 5:29 am | Reply

      • @Smitha: One set of marks cards is sufficient.

        Comment by augustborn — April 6, 2010 @ 6:15 am

  123. Hi Sreejith,I found a scan of a transcript.But it contains only first attempt marks.:(

    I have 2 marks cards in 3rd sem.I need a single marks card, with 2nd attempt marks are mentioned.Below transcript is of no use in my case.Will the consolidted marks card contain 2nd attempt marks?(If not ,there is no difference between the orignal marks card u got after ur 1st attempt and CMC.Isnt it?)

    And the transcript you got same as the below transcript??

    Comment by Rithik — November 5, 2009 @ 2:46 pm | Reply

    • @Rithik: That’s right, my transcript looks like the one you have posted. I doubt whether the CMC will omit your first attempt marks, but I’m not sure.. Do let us know when you get your CMC.. very curious now!!

      Comment by augustborn — November 7, 2009 @ 9:28 am | Reply

  124. Dear Sreejith ,

    Well your blog is a god send and your a blessing in disguise . And though i’m not going to belgaum to collect my transcripts i wanted to tell you how much i appreciate you taking time to reply to each and every query even though clearly its been more than a year since you posted this blog 🙂 Really think your doing a great job and man are you a good samaritan 🙂

    You making up for all the illogical administrative nitty gritties of colleges and VTU 🙂

    Comment by Madhumitha Srinivasan — November 7, 2009 @ 9:23 am | Reply

    • Dear Madhumitha,

      Well, it’s like this.. When I wanted to get my transcripts/visit VTU, I didn’t get too much help.. I really yearned for some kind of guidance at that time.. 🙂 Thought I’ll share whatever I know until VTU/colleges start providing more help to students – unfortunately that’s not happened till now 😀

      And you probably don’t know it, but your comment made my day!! He he..

      Comment by augustborn — November 7, 2009 @ 9:34 am | Reply

  125. Hi, I need to get my degree certificates attested by the registrar. reading through all the blogs. i feel its going to be a very challeging task…

    if anyone is travelling to belgaum(vtu uni)from bangalore shortly..please call me also..
    just looking for some company.


    Comment by Raghavendra — November 8, 2009 @ 8:37 pm | Reply

  126. Hi, i am going to vtu university belgaum to get my degree certificates attested. though i dont understand why should we go all the way to belgaum to get it attested. why can’t it be done by some authorised personel in bangalore only. (like my college is in bangalore, can’t we get it attested from college principal)

    anyway, thanks for this blogger, its been very helpful in getting the contact numbers.


    Comment by Raghavendra — November 8, 2009 @ 9:00 pm | Reply

    • @Raghavendra: Yes, why are you going to belgaum to get degree certificates attested? I got them attested by my college principal..

      Comment by augustborn — November 8, 2009 @ 9:04 pm | Reply

      • my degree certificate attestation is for processing my work visa.
        i was advised by the visa processing agency to get it attested by the registrar and based on that HRD ministry in delhi and visiting country embassy would attest it.
        this attestation is madatory for visa processing itseems.

        has anybody done this before?

        Comment by Raghavendra — November 8, 2009 @ 10:17 pm

      • @Raghavendra: Really? I wasn’t aware of it.. Which country’s visa are you applying for? For my US visa I had to produce the originals..

        Comment by augustborn — November 8, 2009 @ 10:21 pm

      • i am processing for middle-eastern country. i tried to convience them that i already have original certificates. but still they are insisting on getting it done ASAP….
        i am trying find somebody who can get this done for me…i can pay them..
        but i am not able find anyone who can hadle this

        Comment by Raghavendra — November 8, 2009 @ 10:32 pm

  127. i am processing for middle-easter country visa. i have all my original certificates with me. i tried to make them understand that these are original certificates issued by VTU belgaum university and its already signed by the registrar…
    but still they are insisting me to get this done ASAP.

    Comment by Raghavendra — November 8, 2009 @ 10:29 pm | Reply

  128. Hi,

    I have few queries regarding transcripts.
    I had overall 6 backlogs in engineering 3rd,4th and 5th semesters(2 backs in each semester).

    I had applied as soon as i cleared during the next semesters and already have consolidated marks card for 3rd , 4th and 5th semesters with me.

    So my query is now while applying for a transcript should i insert these 3 Consolidated marks card in between the photocopies from(1st to 8th sem)and get attested from principal and then send it by post to VTU or

    I should insert the old marks cards(3rd,4th,5th-regular ones i.e when i recived a back showing “FL”).PLease let me know which marks will be shown i n the transcript even though the no of attempts to clear will be shown.

    Also do i need to take these—-Single consolidated statement of marks — 500/-
    (for this u need to submit photocopy of 8th sem MC and u should ve cleared all Engg. subjects)-Please explain what is these and is it required to apply for univeristes?

    IF i send the photocopies and DD through post through college how many days do u need to receive transcripts?

    Best regards,


    Comment by Chetan — November 13, 2009 @ 11:55 pm | Reply

    • @Chethan: I only know what was on my transcripts, no idea on the general procudures of VTU.. You need to put these queries to somebody in VTU or the examination section of your college.. All the universities that I applied to, asked only for transcripts – therefore, I never requested a consolidated marks card.. I applied for transcripts in person and i got it within a week.. no idea on how long it will take by post.. Good luck!!

      Comment by augustborn — November 14, 2009 @ 12:00 am | Reply

  129. Hi,

    I have applied for transcripts through post.
    Will this also include the degree certificate transcript or should i apply for DC transcript separately.
    In the latter case how long will they take to deliver the DC transcripts by post and what is the cost of DC Transcript?

    Thanks in advance,

    Comment by Maithry — November 16, 2009 @ 10:59 pm | Reply

    • @Maithry: No idea what you mean by “degree certificate transcript”. Did you mean the provisional degree certificate? If so, my guess is that you have to apply seperately. No idea how long they take to send things by post. hope you get it at the earliest, good luck!!

      Comment by augustborn — November 16, 2009 @ 11:02 pm | Reply

  130. i have back after completing 8th sem …after clearing that back in next exams ,,in how many days my degree will come

    Comment by kunal — November 21, 2009 @ 1:56 pm | Reply

    • @Kunal: No idea.. you might want to check with VTU..

      Comment by augustborn — December 3, 2009 @ 11:16 am | Reply

  131. hi ppl, firstly i thank sreejith for his detailed description about his trip to obtain the transcripts. i am planning to go to belguma to get my transcripts on monday tat is 7th dec 2009. i would like to know if any one is planning to go to belgum , so tat we could go to get her. plz email me .

    thank you

    Comment by vikrant. — December 3, 2009 @ 10:52 am | Reply

    • @Vikrant: Nothing to worry, buddy.. Belgaum bus-stand will be full of people trying to get to VTU.. 😀

      Comment by augustborn — December 3, 2009 @ 11:14 am | Reply

    • how to get to know if the register will be available on monday or not.. i am trying to the num given above . its engaged .

      Comment by vikrant. — December 3, 2009 @ 11:46 am | Reply

      • @Vikrant: Just go through all the comments.. somebody has put up some alternate numbers..

        Comment by augustborn — December 3, 2009 @ 11:48 am

  132. Dear Sreejith,

    Nice description of your “The VTU visit”.


    Comment by Ramesh — December 14, 2009 @ 6:06 pm | Reply

    • Thanks Ramesh 🙂

      Comment by augustborn — December 14, 2009 @ 8:56 pm | Reply

  133. Hi Sreejith, Nice description of ur journey. May i know whether our signature is required on the “Application for transcript” at VTU Belgaum. I ask this as i would not be personally going there to VTU Belgaum, My brother would be travelling. So is it enough that i send the following documents with him:

    1)All Semester marks cards
    2)Cover letter(which states the requisition of Official Transcripts)

    or my personal presence is mandatory there?
    Please let me know.

    Comment by chaitanya — December 20, 2009 @ 12:18 am | Reply

    • @Chaitanya: I think you need to send the attested copies of all your semester marks cards.. As long as your brother has attested copies of marks cards, I think it is ok even if you are not physically present(I’m not sure about this).. maybe just to be on the safe side, you can write an authorization letter and send it along.. your brother can produce the authorization letter if they say your presence is mandatory.. 🙂

      Comment by augustborn — December 20, 2009 @ 2:26 am | Reply

  134. Hi Sreejith,
    I’m little confused.
    1.Can we obtain pdc before we get 8sem marks card?And what are the documents required?

    2.As I know you got you transcript on nov?But you have mentioned you got our 8 sem marks card on dec.So didn’t you need 8sem MC while applying for transcript??

    Comment by NIthesh — December 26, 2009 @ 8:39 pm | Reply

    • @Nithesh: I remember receiving the pdc as soon as the 8th sem results were declared, so that means I got the pdc much before I got the 8th sem marks cards.
      As for the transcripts, I received my 8th sem MC in december 2006 whereas I applied and got my transcripts in November 2007. I think you will receive transcripts for all semesters for which results have been declared..

      Comment by augustborn — December 27, 2009 @ 7:44 am | Reply

  135. Tnx Sreejith. Do you remember what are the documents you submitted to get your PDC?
    And will they issue Transcript for semesters which results are declared without marks cards???

    Comment by NIthesh — December 27, 2009 @ 9:33 pm | Reply

  136. HI,
    d universities am applyin to require a certificate from the university saying that i will complete my course by sept 2010 ( i have completed 7th sem just now) Does VTU give any such certificate?????
    thanks in advance

    Comment by Abhishek — January 5, 2010 @ 2:56 am | Reply

    • @Abhishek: Never heard of any such certificate.. Better to contact VTU and check..

      Comment by augustborn — January 5, 2010 @ 7:15 am | Reply

  137. hey guys….
    i guess this wud be of big help.The registrars personal hand phone number 94490118552


    Comment by sakshi — January 6, 2010 @ 3:33 pm | Reply

    • @Sakshi: Thanks so much for sharing!!

      Comment by augustborn — January 11, 2010 @ 6:12 pm | Reply

  138. I have joined BE with lateral scheme(Diploma Holder)in 2006. What is period of time to complete the BE . ( Is it 6 or 7 or 8 years)?

    Can u please suggest.

    Comment by prashantha — January 11, 2010 @ 11:13 pm | Reply

    • @Prashantha: No idea. VTU or the examination section in your college should be able to give you an answer.

      Comment by augustborn — January 12, 2010 @ 5:21 pm | Reply

  139. Boss you are a legend!! I haven’t seen such a detailed description about anything in my life!! Hats off sir!!
    Very helpful though!!

    Comment by Dev — January 12, 2010 @ 2:59 pm | Reply

    • @Dev: Thanks so much!!

      Comment by augustborn — January 12, 2010 @ 5:22 pm | Reply

  140. thanks a lot for sharing the info man

    Comment by ap — February 7, 2010 @ 5:08 pm | Reply

    • @ap: My pleasure 🙂

      Comment by augustborn — February 7, 2010 @ 9:33 pm | Reply

  141. dude thnx for info… im damn sure,it vl help many stud.

    @sakshi: the contact num of rregistrars personal has changed,so tats no more correct num..

    Comment by mike — February 12, 2010 @ 9:11 am | Reply

    • @ Mike: Thanks!!

      Comment by augustborn — February 12, 2010 @ 11:03 am | Reply

  142. my name is sony. i cleared all subjects on this (dec-jan) exam.i got an offer from abroad. i want degree certificate there any possiblity to get it immediately.

    Comment by sony p varghese — March 10, 2010 @ 7:47 am | Reply

    • @Sony: I don’t think you can get the degree certificate until the convocation ceremony is completed. However, do check with the exam section in your college. I know that you can get the provisional certificate immediately. Good luck!!

      Comment by augustborn — March 10, 2010 @ 7:55 am | Reply

  143. how much time will take to get degree certificate.

    Comment by sony p varghese — March 10, 2010 @ 8:35 am | Reply

  144. sir,
    i want provisonal markscard..i completed engineering hw can i get sir..if i com vtu now can i get it…so wt i hav to do now sir plz tel me sir..

    Comment by shilpa — March 17, 2010 @ 8:49 pm | Reply

    • Hi Shilpa,
      Please ask somebody in the examination section of your college and they might be able to tell you what to do. I remember that you need to fill out a form and submit it. Alternatively you could check with the regional VTU office. Good luck!!

      Comment by augustborn — March 17, 2010 @ 8:53 pm | Reply

  145. I am Ravi Kumar KS, my usn is 1EP04CS400, I have completed my engineering course july 2007 exam(with 73%), but i joined based on diploma i had my MATDIP301(bridge course) back till, now cleared that subject to in jan 2010 exam.By that time they have taken my consolidated marks card back, due to this issue.

    plz answer me the following questions:

    1.When can i get my 8th sem marks card back ? is they any course completion date get changes on my convocation and pdc ?
    2. How do i get my convocation certificate and PDC ? my %is 73, is they any class of degree changes ?
    3. Please forward or provide me the link to get pdc application form…

    Comment by Ravi — March 19, 2010 @ 4:49 pm | Reply

    • Hi Ravi,

      Kindly check with the exam section in your college, they might be able to tell you more. Good luck!!

      Comment by augustborn — March 19, 2010 @ 8:17 pm | Reply

  146. hi very usefull blog… i have a doubt.. mine original degree certificate was sent back to vtu, becos no one was ther at home when post man had come.. so i want to know the details like how to collect. am leaving to belgaum tomm nit.. so can i get it on that day only r else it a day more… plz reply soon brother..

    Comment by deepa — March 20, 2010 @ 1:29 pm | Reply

    • Hi Deepa,

      I have no idea about getting the original degree certificate from VTU. Just go through all the comments here, somebody has posted the registrar’s number – please call them and check before you leave for Belgaum. Please carry xerox copies of the marks card to be on the safe side. Good luck!!

      Comment by augustborn — March 20, 2010 @ 8:40 pm | Reply

    • @Deepa: Hi deepa I know it has been long since you visted VTU. Can you please tell me exact procedure along with DD amount and everything that needs to be done before going there. Waiting 4 ur Reply.

      @Srijith : Buddy you just saved many from irrational and blind touchdown regarding certificates and MCs. God Bless You !!!

      Comment by mahi — April 29, 2010 @ 7:03 pm | Reply

      • @Mahi: I’m hoping that Deepa is still reading the comments and will get back to you. Let’s wait for a day and then I will also try to get the information somehow. Thanks for the comment, buddy!!

        Comment by augustborn — April 29, 2010 @ 7:08 pm

      • @srijith : hey buddy.. I passed from VTU in 2007 and need to collect the degree certificate from VTU belgaum directly. I am in urgent need for the same. Plz do reply with a soln (DD amount if needed and proof docs required). Thanks !! waiting for a positive note !!

        Comment by mahi — May 20, 2010 @ 12:12 pm

      • @mahi: If you passed out in 2007, then the degree certificate should have been to you already, right?? If you still have not received it, you should probably check with the regional office first. Good luck!!

        Comment by augustborn — May 20, 2010 @ 8:21 pm

  147. please any body help me. I have completed my degree in 2008,im out of station ,frm this place only i want take marks card means degree certificate frm university they told only post dd with application form written by me. but im not getting can i send xerox copy or not. idon’t have any college application form.

    Comment by priya — March 21, 2010 @ 12:29 pm | Reply

    • hi.. you can wright a letter , stating what you want and also enclose the dd amount with the letter.. the amount of the dd you have to find out form the regional vtu office or from your college. the marks card ll be sent to the address you mention in the letter.

      Comment by vikr — March 22, 2010 @ 8:29 am | Reply

      • @Vikr: Thanks a lot for sharing this info!!

        Comment by augustborn — March 22, 2010 @ 8:31 am

  148. Hi

    Thanks for the detailed information to obtain the transcripts. This is really a savior. Thanks to all who have been posting on this blog. Can any one give a sample what all information is given in the transcripts . what difference it has from consolidated marks card.

    Comment by Sahana — March 23, 2010 @ 1:06 pm | Reply

    • Hi Sahana,

      I have not seen a consolidated marks card, but I can tell you what is there on the transcript. On one sheet, the marks obtained on all the semesters is recorded. On the next sheet, there is a note stating that VTU has English as medium of instruction, there is no GPA system, etc etc. Do ask if you want to see a copy of the transcript 🙂

      Comment by augustborn — March 23, 2010 @ 7:17 pm | Reply

  149. HI,
    I have applied for george Mason University.I submitted the vtu transcripts but they are asking for offficial individual marks sheets also.Please suugest me what to do?
    Can I submit attested copies or can i get them from belgaum?

    Comment by yamini — March 29, 2010 @ 5:56 pm | Reply

    • @Yamini: When my university asked for official individual marks cards, I mailed/called them and explained that VTU does not give official individual marks card and I could send attested copies of the semester marks cards, and show them the original marks cards when I arrived in the US. They agreed, so I got the copies attested by the college prinicipal and sent it. You call check with GMU whether this is acceptable to them. Good luck!!

      Comment by augustborn — March 29, 2010 @ 7:21 pm | Reply

  150. thanks for sharing the info..
    currently i am in usa. I need transcripts and the consolidation of marks cards for three subjects marks. can i get both by sending mail and dd to the vtu.. if yes how much is fees for consolidation for each marks sheet. and whats the procedure.I appreciate your help thanks..

    Comment by Smitha — April 1, 2010 @ 4:15 am | Reply

    • @Smitha: I’m not sure what you mean by “consolidation of marks cards for three subjects marks”. From what I know, the consolidated marks card will contain marks of all semesters on a single sheet. I’m sure VTU responds to mailed requests for transcripts and CMCs, but I’m not sure whether they would mail it internationally.
      Also not sure about the fees or the exact procedure. A good solution would be to call up VTU on the numbers mentioned in the comments section, or having somebody in India call them up or go to the regional office and enquire. Good luck!!

      Comment by augustborn — April 1, 2010 @ 4:35 am | Reply

  151. Thanks augustborn,

    i need 4 transcipts.. do i need to send 4 photo copies of marks cards.. is attested marks cards mandatory..
    bcoz i dont have attested marks cards..

    Comment by Smitha — April 1, 2010 @ 10:29 am | Reply

    • @Smitha: From what I hear, you do not need to send attested copies of the marks card if you are applying by post. Just the application letter with USN clearly mentioned, and the DD will do. In any case, do check with VTU to double-check. Good luck!!

      Comment by augustborn — April 1, 2010 @ 10:34 am | Reply

  152. hi friend…… you r doing nice job thanks lot….. i got one question about new marks cards…. i have complited engineering i have recieved convocation also but the problem is i have lost marks card from 4th sem …could i get new marks cards and wats the procedure… so i can get and apply for mtech………please reply to me…

    Comment by nagaraj — May 19, 2010 @ 11:22 pm | Reply

    • @Nagaraj: For admissions, you *may* be able to use the transcript or comsolidated marks cards. Better to check with ur MTech college. About replacing your lost marks card, I think VTU has a procedure; just check with your regional office. Good luck!!

      Comment by augustborn — May 19, 2010 @ 11:31 pm | Reply

      • thanks lot friend……. i do follow ur instructions… i hope ill get..

        Comment by nagaraj — May 20, 2010 @ 8:18 pm

      • @nagaraj: Hope you read mokthar’s note below. Good luck!!

        Comment by augustborn — May 20, 2010 @ 8:23 pm

  153. hi friend…… you r doing nice job thanks lot….. i got one question about new marks cards…. i have complited engineering i have recieved convocation also but the problem is i have lost marks card from 4th sem …could i get new marks cards and wats the procedure… so i can get and apply for mtech………please reply to me…

    Comment by nagaraj — May 19, 2010 @ 11:24 pm | Reply

  154. dear frend go to(vtu) belgaum and submit xerox of u r marks card if u have otherwise just give u r usn number to the staff, they will give u duplicate marks card in one day only.remember to take complaint(fir) from u r nearest police get duplicate marks card u should go to belgaum otherwise no chance to get dup marks card in college .also rememeber take money bcz u hav to give DD.

    Comment by mokthar — May 20, 2010 @ 8:18 pm | Reply

    • @mokthar: Thanks a lot for sharing the information 🙂 It will help a lot of people, I hope!!

      Comment by augustborn — May 20, 2010 @ 8:22 pm | Reply

  155. @srijith : Hey buddy.. i went to VTU regional office to get my Degree Certificate. But they say it has not returned to VTU. Alas.. I think i need to apply for a duplicate one.. since I went on sat so i didn’t have enough time to apply.. (my bad).. and the guy over the desk was not so cooperative abiut the procedure( a complete a**hole..) Can you please let me know about a duplicate one.. do i need to contact my college for the same? wat are charges?? Do I need a FIR for the same ???

    Comment by mahi — May 29, 2010 @ 7:41 pm | Reply

    • @mahi: Yeah that is expected from VTU guys, right 😀 Do talk to the examination section in your college and see if they can help you out. It might also be a good idea to keep asking VTU guys until you get an answer. Do try the Belgaum numbers too. A police FIR is necessary for a lost or stolen degree certificate, but since you never received your’s, I’m not sure. Hope you get your degree certificate quickly, buddy. Good luck!!

      Comment by augustborn — May 29, 2010 @ 7:49 pm | Reply

  156. Hi – i have lost all my marks card all semester and do not have a photocopy of the same . the only document i have is my degree certificate. can someone one tell me the procedure to retrieve the same.

    Comment by dibyendu — June 6, 2010 @ 1:14 am | Reply

    • @dibyendu: Read the comments below. I think the procedure is to file FIR with your local police station, and then take a copy of that FIR to VTU Belgaum to apply for duplicate marks cards. It would be a good idea to call up VTU Belgaum and get first-hand information on the procedures. Good luck!!

      Comment by augustborn — June 6, 2010 @ 1:18 am | Reply

  157. @ srijith

    I just finished my 8th semester BE in ISE in 2010 June n waitin for my results… I have got seat for MS in US in CS in fall 2010 semester.. University people are asking for final transcripts and I need PDC for Visa interview… Is it possible to get these documents with the result sheet alone If not what else has to be provided?? coz i dont have my 7th sem marks card in hand yet n wont be getting 8th sem marks card for another 6 months… Can u advise what can be done to obtain transcripts n PDC when atteding master course immediately !! also what can be provided in place of 8th sem marks cards is there any provisional marks card that I can get from vtu for time being .. your reply will be much appreciated…


    Comment by Bhoomi — June 10, 2010 @ 12:14 am | Reply

    • @Bhoomi: If I remember correctly, this is the how it goes: If you go to belgaum and apply for transcripts, they will issue transcripts for all semesters for which results have been declared. If the 8th sem results have been declared, you will get the PDC too. IF the registrar is available, I think you can get both on the same day. Just make sure that you submit your application in the morning itself. When you go to belgaum, remember to take copies of all your marks card, and the result sheet for semesters for which you dont have a marks card yet. I think you will get PDC only after the results are out; so if I were you, I would apply for transcripts and PDC together after the 8th sem results are out. Hope this answers your question, good luck!!

      Comment by augustborn — June 10, 2010 @ 10:45 am | Reply

  158. Thanks for the reply…. Nice day 🙂

    Comment by Bhoomi — June 10, 2010 @ 11:53 pm | Reply

  159. Hi Sreejith,

    I’m 2007 pass out and unfortunately i’ve lost my convocation degree certificate. i’ve provisional degree certificate and all semester marks cards.
    i went to college and asked them how to apply for duplicate. he says I need to register a police complaint first and need to get an affidavit from any lawyer/magistrate and then have to pay 1700/- DD. i don’t know what to do. can you pls help me how to apply for this. or can you give me any contact no who can arrange for this. please send me an email to

    many thanks.


    Comment by Girish — June 16, 2010 @ 9:31 pm | Reply

    • @Girish: I think the best solution is to follow the instructions given by your college. Also, you could contact your VTU regional office and ask them. Good luck!!

      Comment by augustborn — June 17, 2010 @ 9:28 am | Reply

      • @augustborn: thanks a lot for the info 🙂

        Comment by Girish — June 20, 2010 @ 7:23 pm

    • You need log a complaint at your nearest police station and then get affidavit made. once you have both documents , its a better idea to go to Belgaum and submit them at the university . in most cases you get the duplicate on the same day.


      Comment by Dibyendu — June 17, 2010 @ 11:08 am | Reply

      • @Dibyendu: Thanks a lot for the info 🙂 have u applied for any duplicate document like marks card/degree certificate??? do i need to take any attested xerox copies along with that???

        Comment by Girish — June 20, 2010 @ 7:24 pm

      • Yes Girish –

        I managed to loose all my mark sheets and so applied for duplicate.

        Comment by Dib — June 20, 2010 @ 8:09 pm

  160. Hi Guys,

    Can someone please mention the content in a PDC ?


    Comment by Darshan — June 20, 2010 @ 12:21 pm | Reply

    • @Darshan: It mentions that you have completed all the requirements for the degree and that the degree will be conferred on you at the next convocation of the university.

      Comment by augustborn — June 20, 2010 @ 12:25 pm | Reply

  161. i cleared all subjects on last jan 2007 exam.I got PDC .i want orginal degree certificate because i got a job in abudhabi.I am ready to go to Belgaum.what is the procedure of geting degree certificate?

    Comment by sony — June 21, 2010 @ 3:55 pm | Reply

  162. i cleared all subjects on last jan exam.I got PDC .i want orginal degree certificate because i got a job in abudhabi.I am ready to go to Belgaum.what is the procedure of geting degree certificate?

    Comment by sony — June 21, 2010 @ 3:55 pm | Reply

  163. Thanks a lot Augustborn.

    If I go to Belgaum will they give me the PDC on the same day itself or will the PDC be sent home by post.

    Comment by Darshan — June 28, 2010 @ 6:22 pm | Reply

    • @Darshan: I have heard that they give PDC on the same day. You could call them and check beforehand, to be sure. Good luck!!

      Comment by augustborn — June 28, 2010 @ 6:28 pm | Reply

  164. Hey thanks for the blog.appreciate your efffort in answering the queries posted.

    Comment by vinod — June 30, 2010 @ 1:43 pm | Reply

    • @Vinod: Glad to know it was of help!!

      Comment by augustborn — July 4, 2010 @ 11:46 am | Reply

  165. hai i jus wanna know when il be gettin the pdc after the results r out .and also for takin it wat al documents r required..even for the extrat of the 8th sems marks card…pls do reply for wil be of a great help…as i have to apply for visa within this aug…9886703470

    Comment by abhishek — July 2, 2010 @ 1:46 pm | Reply

    • @Abhishek: I think you can apply for the PDC as soon as the 8th sem results are out. I remember there is an application form for this – do check with your college. I don’t think you can do anything about getting your 8th sem marks card quickly – but you may get your complete transcripts once the marks cards are out. Please verify with your college/VTU. Good luck!!

      Comment by augustborn — July 4, 2010 @ 11:45 am | Reply

  166. I will be leaving tomorrow night i.e July 5th night for Belgaum from Bangalore. I am going to collect my PDC.

    I have already taken a DD of amount 200 ,and the application form for PDC.

    I will also carry with me a copy of all the marks card that i have received.

    I hope i can receive it within the same day.

    Comment by Sachin — July 4, 2010 @ 3:14 pm | Reply

    • @Sachin: Good luck!!

      Comment by augustborn — July 4, 2010 @ 7:34 pm | Reply

    • hi dude hope u had good luck at belgaum. i completed my 8th sem recently. just wanna know what exactly i need to take with me when i go to VTU to get PDC. i vent received 7th and 8 th sem marks card. so i need to take with me xerox of all other marks cards? should these be attested? am not able to contact d registrar evaluation. are there any fixed days he s available?

      Comment by Asif — July 13, 2010 @ 8:26 am | Reply

  167. @augustborn hey can u ask sachin to reply to this query since u have his mail i.d.
    or @sachin directly did you get your pdc? since i also need mine urgently for the visa application!

    Comment by vinod — July 6, 2010 @ 9:45 pm | Reply

  168. i have just completed by 8th semester and also got the results.i have applied for reval in 1 subject..i wanted to know if i can apply for pdc and transcripts even though i have put 1 subject for revaluation. i have an FCD anyway so further increase in marks wont affect the class..also will i be able to get transcript having 8th semester marks doesnt matter if the marks in transcript are those before reval..

    Comment by Joel — July 9, 2010 @ 6:59 pm | Reply

    • @Joel: Unfortunately, I don’t know the answer to your question. Suggest you call up your VTU regional office or VTU Belgaum and clarify with them. Good luck!!

      Comment by augustborn — July 10, 2010 @ 11:13 am | Reply

  169. hey guys needed some while assistance please…I have lost my second and third sem marks cards…so i will not be able to produce a xerox while applying for transcripts…so what is the solution…??in a bit of a pickle…so please provide as much information as possible…thanks guys

    Comment by rahul — July 13, 2010 @ 3:12 am | Reply

    • @Rahul: I’m not sure whether you need to provide ALL the xerox copies. Try applying for the full transcript with the xerox copies that you have. Maybe you could try calling up VTU and enquire too. Good luck!!

      Comment by augustborn — July 13, 2010 @ 8:29 am | Reply

  170. hi i completed my 8th sem recently. just wanna know what exactly i need to take with me when i go to VTU to get PDC. i vent received 7th and 8 th sem marks card. so i need to take with me xerox of all other marks cards? should these be attested ?if yes by college principal? am aware of the dd, amount, and application ther anything else?
    am not able to contact d registrar evaluation. are there any fixed days he s available?

    Comment by Asif — July 13, 2010 @ 8:32 am | Reply

    • @Asif: I don’t have much idea regarding PDC. Other than DD, amount and application for, I think you need to carry the xerox copies of marks cards. It’s safer to get them attested by the college principal – you don’t want to waste a trip to Belgaum, right? Good luck!! And yes, keep trying the phone. Somewhere in the comments here, somebody has left more telephone numbers, try them all. As far as I know, there are no fixed days that the registrar is available.

      Comment by augustborn — July 13, 2010 @ 8:35 am | Reply

      • Thank You…

        Comment by Asif — July 13, 2010 @ 10:22 am

  171. thanks bro:)appreciate it:)

    Comment by rahul — July 13, 2010 @ 12:47 pm | Reply

  172. should i have to attest the marks sheet by principal before leaving to belgaum.pls reply fast

    Comment by nithish — July 13, 2010 @ 10:52 pm | Reply

    • @Nithish: Some people say it is not required, but I got it attested by the principal, just to be on the safe side. If you have time, I would definitely recommend it. Good luck!!

      Comment by augustborn — July 14, 2010 @ 6:26 am | Reply

  173. can anyone tell me when reval results of 8th sem are declared approximately…also if i post my application for pdc to long will it take for me to receive it…?

    Comment by rajesh — July 14, 2010 @ 5:12 pm | Reply

    • @Rajesh: I don’t know the answers to your questions; hope somebody will see your question here and respond.. Good luck!!

      Comment by augustborn — July 14, 2010 @ 6:06 pm | Reply

  174. Hi..I have a query…I have got my PDC through post, but does the Vtu send the degree certificate on the next convocation by post or we should ourselves go and collect it from Belgaum or our College?

    Comment by Latha — July 15, 2010 @ 12:52 pm | Reply

    • @Latha: The degree certificate will be sent to you by post.

      Comment by augustborn — July 15, 2010 @ 6:09 pm | Reply

      • @ augustborn
        Thank you..

        Comment by Latha — July 21, 2010 @ 11:36 am

  175. i went to the vtu two days back…for provisional certifiacte u have to just have a dd and for transcpt, u need to carry all the xerox of ur marks(attestation by principal not required) and dd.make sure u submit ur documents before 12 or u ll end up staying in belgaum for another day

    Comment by nithish — July 19, 2010 @ 4:31 pm | Reply

    • @Nithish: Thanks for sharing the info!!

      Comment by augustborn — July 19, 2010 @ 6:14 pm | Reply

  176. @nithish @sreejith did you get your transcripts with 8th sem included?

    Comment by vinod — July 21, 2010 @ 2:08 pm | Reply

    • @Vinod: I applied for transcripts more than a year after graduating, so 8th sem was included. I hear that if the results for a particular semester have been declared, then those marks will be included in the transcript. Hope nithish will confirm. Good luck!!

      Comment by augustborn — July 21, 2010 @ 6:34 pm | Reply

  177. i just got my transcripts which i applied for on july includes results only upto 7th sem.

    Comment by vinod — July 24, 2010 @ 6:31 pm | Reply

  178. what do you mean by trascripts ?

    Comment by suhas — August 8, 2010 @ 10:25 am | Reply

    • @Suhas: Transcripts are all your marks on a single sheet along with an introduction of the university and some information about grading policies.

      Comment by augustborn — August 8, 2010 @ 10:27 am | Reply

  179. hi,
    can anybody tell whr i can find a good print for the PDC application form.the one thats on 4share is really a bad print.and any1 pass out in 2010 applied for pdc n has received the certificate, pls let me know how long it took ?

    i went to my coll exam section, got info that thr s no need for pass out student to go to coll for any info.
    supposedly all the forms for the ” PDC” and the “consolidated marks cards” are available online.unfortunately , i never found any!!!( VTU ppl wat else to expect!)

    pls share d links if sme 1 wer 2 find it!!!!

    the price s are d sme for PDC n CONSOLIDATED , its mentioned abv .

    Comment by karan — August 8, 2010 @ 8:46 pm | Reply

    • @karan 1.i donno if there is a good print for the pdc. col provided a pdc form which cost Rs 1.If your col does not provide such a form please go to the new horizon college of engineering xerox shop inside the college and ask for a pdc form.
      3.the pdc will come within 10-15 days

      Comment by vinod — August 17, 2010 @ 1:19 pm | Reply

  180. I want to send marks card consolidation request by post. Do I need to include envelop(with stamp) to get the consolidated marks cards. Can anybody help me ?


    Comment by Binoy — August 11, 2010 @ 4:36 pm | Reply

  181. hey ppl, can any one tell me whether pdc s required for pgcet counselling ah?
    how many days ll it take if we apply through post and how many days ll it take if we go to vtu office directly.
    wot s the mailing address..
    pls reply soon..

    Comment by anitha — August 26, 2010 @ 12:25 am | Reply

  182. hiiiii

    Comment by AJAY KUMAR — August 30, 2010 @ 2:32 pm | Reply


      Comment by augustborn — August 30, 2010 @ 6:33 pm | Reply

  183. Hi augustborn,

    I completed my BE Mechanical in June 2010. Now I am thinking of applying to VTU for consolidated marks card and PDC. I had 1 back each in 3,4,5,6 sem. I have cleared everything in the next subsequent attempt. Now how will the consolidated marks card look for me. Will there be double entry of the subjects i failed or the final pass marks will be entered for every sem?

    For PDC is 1-8 sem aggregate or 5-8 sem aggregate considered?


    Comment by SBC — August 31, 2010 @ 2:16 pm | Reply

  184. hi sir;
    I ccmpleted my be electrical in june 2010. I applied for pdc on 13 th of aug but stil i den get.when i wil get my pdc please help me.

    Comment by Tamilvani R — September 1, 2010 @ 4:08 pm | Reply

  185. Hi..i have applied for single consolidated marks card one month ago through post ..still vtu has not sent it to my address…will vtu send it to my college or home address or should i have to wait for some more days?

    Comment by Latha — September 8, 2010 @ 12:24 pm | Reply

    • @Latha: Usually I have heard that VTU sends it to your home address.. One month is a long time.. Why don’t you call up VTU Belgaum and enquire? Good luck!!

      Comment by augustborn — September 8, 2010 @ 12:28 pm | Reply

  186. i have another problem…i have lost one semester marks should i aply for a duplicate marks card?

    Comment by Latha — September 8, 2010 @ 12:56 pm | Reply

    • @Latha: I believe it needs all sorts of formalities like filing a police complaint, etc. It will be better if you call up your VTU regional office or the Belgaum office.. they might be able to help you!!

      Comment by augustborn — September 8, 2010 @ 7:07 pm | Reply

  187. thanks a lot for both replies.

    Comment by latha — September 9, 2010 @ 12:10 pm | Reply

  188. Hi all……

    I had applied for PDC a month ago. I have the confirmation that it has reached VTU (got speed post acknowledgement).
    Still I am waiting for it.
    And now I am in a hurry to get my PDC for the job in Wipro.
    I called VTU, they said they had sent it to my address long ago.
    What should I do now? If I go to Belgaum, will they provide another?

    Please help… Is there a possibility to get the PDC via email?

    Comment by Subrahmanya — September 15, 2010 @ 7:01 pm | Reply

    • @Subrahmanya: I don’t have an idea about how you could get a PDC.. If I were you, I would go to VTU Belgaum and apply for a PDC again and bring it back with me. Do call VTU beforehand to ask whether you can apply for another PDC(since you have already applied for one before), what days the registrar will be avaialable, etc. Good luck!!

      Comment by augustborn — September 16, 2010 @ 9:40 pm | Reply

  189. u r jus angel in disguise with vtu nowhere to guide..thanks a lot..:)

    Comment by anjana boral — September 16, 2010 @ 9:28 pm | Reply

    • @Anjana: Glad to be of help 🙂

      Comment by augustborn — September 16, 2010 @ 9:37 pm | Reply

  190. thanx a lot pal!!!

    Comment by navya — September 26, 2010 @ 7:09 pm | Reply

  191. hi,
    i have an aggregate of 65% from 5-8 semester in BE(vtu)….so am i eligible for companies asking 65%plus?…..i mean the vtu marks card s based on 5-8 semester rite so…

    Comment by chitra — October 18, 2010 @ 10:42 am | Reply

    • @Chitra: Some companies ask for 65% in 5-8 sems and some ask for 65% in all 8 sems.. It will be better to talk to the HR before taking the interview.. I remember my company asked for 65%plus in all sems.. Good luck!!

      Comment by augustborn — October 18, 2010 @ 10:50 am | Reply

      • thanks a lot…….:)

        Comment by chitra — October 18, 2010 @ 12:05 pm

  192. hai

    when will vtu issue orginal degree certificate.if i go to belgaum i will get now or not.

    Comment by sony — October 20, 2010 @ 11:12 am | Reply

    • @Sony: Most probably they will mail you the original certificate after the convocation, whenever that is.

      Comment by augustborn — October 21, 2010 @ 9:32 am | Reply

  193. Hello I have a got a Query.. I had a backlog in 5th semester which I subsequently cleared din 6th semester.. Now how does VTU calculate aggregate?Do they consider the marks in my second attempt for aggregate calculation?Does the new marks obtain appear in the CMC?

    Comment by Tejus — October 26, 2010 @ 9:19 pm | Reply

    • @Tejus: You may want to get your query clarified by somebody at VTU!!

      Comment by augustborn — October 27, 2010 @ 7:22 am | Reply

    • i’m a passout from VTU. The consolidated marks card of ur 5th sem will contain your second attempt marks. but the total for the 5th sem will not be added up with ur second attaempt mark for the particular sem. it will still show tha same total as in ur first attempt total

      Comment by pooja — March 23, 2012 @ 1:10 pm | Reply

  194. Hey guys,. can anyone solve my mystery,..?? Actually I had 2 backs in 6th sem and 1 back in 5th sem of my B.E. I later cleared them in my 8th sem along with my 8th sem examination on june 2010.

    1. When will I get my 5th and 6th sem marks cards of the cleared subjects.?

    2. Is it possible to make a Consolidated marks card of my 5th and 6th sem now i.e before i get the regular marks card in the passed subjects.?

    3. Because of this I have not got my 8th sem marks cards also, while all my batch mates have got it. Can u tell me if i will be able to get my 8th sem marks card also if i go to VTU Belgaum. Kindly guide…

    Comment by Anup Hasan — October 29, 2010 @ 1:43 pm | Reply

  195. hey guys … had been to belgaum yest to collect transcripts .. he didnt ask for xerox copies of marks cards as well 😛 just a form he gives and a dd !

    Comment by pramod — November 4, 2010 @ 7:33 am | Reply

    • @Pramod: Whoa!! No xerox copies?? That was good, but I think it really depends on the mood of the person who hands out the forms.. If he asks for it and you don’t have it, you’re truly screwed 😀 Anyways, good luck for your future!!

      Comment by augustborn — November 4, 2010 @ 7:39 am | Reply

  196. hi guys….plz let me know the procedure before leaving for belgaum for transcripts and pdc…..what all are required to go there? plz let me know planning to go next week, do we have to take any letter frm respective colleges? plz tell me

    .thank you

    Comment by suresh babu — November 23, 2010 @ 9:55 am | Reply

    • @Suresh Babu: The procedure is mentioned in the blog post. Read it carefully. Anyways, here is the recommended procedure:
      1) Telephone ahead and make sure that the registrar is available on the day that you are planning to be in Belgaum.
      2) Make xerox copies of all your marks cards and get them attested.
      3) Take a DD for the required amount, depending on the number of transcripts you require.
      4) Plan to reach the university early as soon as it opens.
      5) Take the application form from the reception, fill it out, submit it with DD and pray that you get your transcripts on the same day 😀

      Good luck!!

      Comment by augustborn — November 23, 2010 @ 10:39 am | Reply

  197. Hey Guys,

    This is Poornima. The blog posted is really very useful for new students and people who are looking to get information about the transcripts. Thanks alot Sreejith.
    I have few questions to ask. I live in US currently and want to apply for the Universities in US.I would like to know how to apply for the transcripts from here?I was thinking of asking my dad to mail to the VTU Registrar.Is it a better option? Also, I wanted to know how many copies of marks card should I have to send via post along with the application. Does anyone has a format for the application. Searching online I was able to find this pdf link for the application ->”“. Is this format right.because I was not able to find a pdf on VTU website. Also, I have another question, how long are these transcripts valid for? Do u have any idea?

    Thanks in Advance,

    Comment by Poornima — November 30, 2010 @ 11:42 pm | Reply

    • @Poornima: Thanks a ton for sharing the link!

      1) Yes, I think the format is right, because I think it is the same form that I filled out when I went to VTU Belgaum. HOWEVER, I don’t know how much time it might take, how would you know whether your application was lost in the mail(and all the other problems that could occur :P). If I were you, I would get somebody to go to Belgaum(on a day that the registrar is available) and collect the transcripts by hand – much faster that way(and you KNOW that your application was received).

      2) I think a single copy of your attested marks cards should be enough, regardless of the number of transcripts you are requesting for.

      3) I think the transcripts are valid forever, as long as the envelope is unopened. I carried some transcripts when I came to the US in 2008 and I used one last month. No problem.

      Hope this helps you a little. Good luck!

      Comment by augustborn — December 1, 2010 @ 12:10 am | Reply

  198. Hi,
    I’m working in a start-up company in Bangalore. I’m a 2010 passout, having a back-log. I’m giving this exam this dec.
    How do i get the degree certificate after clearing this paper?

    Comment by Nisha K — December 2, 2010 @ 1:40 pm | Reply

    • @Nisha: I don’t think you have to do anything. Once you have cleared all your subjects, the degree will be conferred at the next convocation and the degree certificate will be sent to you after the convocation ceremony. Please verify with your college.

      If you were asking about a provisional degree certificate, you may either fill up the form and mail it to VTU Belgaum or collect it in person. Here is the application form: .

      Hope this helps. Good luck!!

      Comment by augustborn — December 2, 2010 @ 7:52 pm | Reply

      • Thank u so much!

        Comment by Nisha — December 3, 2010 @ 12:09 pm

  199. […] This blog post is a very useful resource if you intend to make this journey. […]

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  200. hi folks,

    as i’m getting many calls to know the procedure to apply for duplicate degree certificates or marks cards in VTU, i have written a detailed blog so that it helps you all. here is the link


    Comment by Girish — December 9, 2010 @ 2:05 pm | Reply

  201. hi folks,
    i hav lost my marks sheet along with xerox and got my fir nd affidavit done but i want to ask dat do i need any application wid college attestation done to get my duplicate marks sheet..bcoz m planning to go directly to belgum..
    nd do i need convocation degree certificate in future bcoz duplicate cost around 1400 bucks..can i get pdc nd transcript on same day.
    one more question is dat do they give consolidated marks card or duplicate marks sheet coz i hav got backs in 6th nd 7th sem..

    Comment by vikash — December 15, 2010 @ 9:42 am | Reply

    • @Vikash: I dont think any attestation is required on the application. Call up VTU and check though.
      I don’t know whether you will need the degree certificate in future or not, but if I were you, I would get one.
      Your other two questions have to be answered by VTU. Good luck!!

      Comment by augustborn — December 15, 2010 @ 10:05 am | Reply

  202. when is the convocation ceremoney(2011)

    Comment by sony — December 17, 2010 @ 7:48 am | Reply

  203. hi,i just wanted to know how many transcripts r needed wen u r applying for universities, like suppose if i m applying for 8 universities then how many transcripts i ll be needing

    Comment by Swapnil — January 2, 2011 @ 2:38 pm | Reply

  204. Hi,
    I have written 7th sem exam waiting for result now…
    My in previous semester i had backlogs but now i have cleared them….can u pls tell me whether shall i apply for consolidated marks card now ONLY..? so that now only a single marks card of sem will get??
    plz tell me soon…

    thanks in advance….!

    Comment by chanaveer — January 25, 2011 @ 7:10 pm | Reply

    • @Chanaveer: My guess is that the consolidated marks card will mention the current marks for all sems. Therefore, if the results for your backlogs are declared, I would expect the new marks(also? ) to be mentioned in the consolidated marks card. But, why do you want a consolidated marks card in your 7th sem? Won’t it be better to have the marks from 1st to 8th sem in the same marks card(in that case, you could just apply after your 8th sem results are declared).

      Comment by augustborn — January 25, 2011 @ 9:41 pm | Reply

  205. Hi..
    Myself ravi, i got 59.6% from 5th to 8th semester and 61% from 1th to 8th semester.. what % the MNC companies will consider, since it is a big issue..

    Comment by Ravi.N — January 25, 2011 @ 9:35 pm | Reply

    • @Ravi: I have seen some companies consider percentages from 5th-8th sem and some companies consider percentages as average of all semesters. It depends on the company.

      Comment by augustborn — January 25, 2011 @ 9:38 pm | Reply

  206. Hi sir, this is Ravi again.. can u list some companies which ask aggrigate of 1 to 8th semester, i have 61%. because, the problem is, i got placed in Sasken in offcampus walkin.. please help me regarding this..

    Comment by Ravi.N — January 25, 2011 @ 9:53 pm | Reply

    • @Ravi: I don’t have a list of such companies – in any case, campus recruitment policies may differ from university to university, college to college and year to year. Congratulations on getting placed. The recruitment guys would have checked your aggregates before giving you an offer, right? In that case, there is nothing to worry. If I were you, I would just call up the HR and talk to them about this. Good luck!

      Comment by augustborn — January 25, 2011 @ 9:57 pm | Reply

  207. @Pavan: If the company does not explicitly ask for “60 percent marks as average of all semesters” or something similar, do apply. In any case they will screen all applications before calling you for an interview, so don’t worry about it too much. Good luck!!

    Comment by augustborn — January 28, 2011 @ 7:47 pm | Reply

  208. My Native is Nepal so is there anyway i can get my PDC,consolidated marks cards,Transcripts etc? Is there any other way to apply for these certificates?

    Comment by Ajit — February 7, 2011 @ 10:30 am | Reply

    • @Ajit: Just go through all the comments. Somebody has provided a link to an application form. I guess you can print out the form, fill in your details and send it by postal mail to VTU along with the Demand Draft. Good luck!!

      Comment by augustborn — February 7, 2011 @ 10:33 am | Reply

  209. Hi,
    i have a question,is it d first attempt total printed on d Consolidated marks card? is it possible to get it in bangalore?

    Thanks in advance.


    Comment by Sameer — February 8, 2011 @ 3:22 pm | Reply

    • @Sameer: I think they mention how many attempts you took to clear the paper. Please go through the comments section here – somebody has provided a link to the application form. I think you can fill this form and send it by post. Otherwise, please check with the examination section in your college.

      Comment by augustborn — February 8, 2011 @ 7:41 pm | Reply

  210. Hi, I am passing out in the year 2011 and planning to write PGCET. for pgcet degree aggregate will they take final attempt marks or only first attempt marks will be considered. please let me know as early as possible.

    Comment by Deepika — February 24, 2011 @ 7:31 pm | Reply

  211. is consolidated marks card acceptable by pgcet.

    Comment by seshank — February 27, 2011 @ 4:28 pm | Reply

    • @Seshank: No idea. Pls check with pgcet.

      Comment by augustborn — February 28, 2011 @ 12:44 am | Reply

  212. Hi,

    Greetings to u for clearing the doubts regarding various issues.
    I completed my BE in instrumentation from VTU in 2010 with one subject backlog.
    I cleared it in Jan-2011. Hopefully will be receiving the mark card soon.

    My doubt is the DEGREE CERTIFICATE. I guess i’ll be getting it only next year i.e January 2012. Do i need to pay again to obtain it?

    Comment by NIshant — March 15, 2011 @ 5:14 pm | Reply

    • @Nishanth: No, I don’t remember paying for it I think it is included in the convocation fees Please check with your college, though.

      Comment by augustborn — March 15, 2011 @ 7:36 pm | Reply

  213. HI….I just wanted to know whether its possible to get the HRD Attestationd done on the same day of convocation or the other day????… please help me i am goin to belgaum on paril 18….waiting frwd 2 hear 4m u…..reply soon….Regards MIRZA MUJTABA BAIG

    Comment by mirza mujtaba baig — April 5, 2011 @ 12:56 pm | Reply

    • @Mirza: I have no idea about that. Please call up VTU and check with them.

      Comment by augustborn — April 5, 2011 @ 7:56 pm | Reply

  214. I sent the application and the d.d for my PDC to VTU on 6th of april by courier as said by them over the telephone . After that i tried hell of times in that 0831- 2498136 number , and its always busy.when its not busy, they wont pick up the call. tried emailing them, then also no reply…just wanted to know whether it reached there safely and also wanted to know when they will sent my certificate… this university really s*cks.. it was a pain in the a** to clear the papers.. now more tough to get the certificates from them… hmmmm….

    Comment by Anish — April 20, 2011 @ 11:11 pm | Reply

  215. Hi,

    I completed my BE in July 2010 with a back log which i subsequently cleared in December 2010. I have not yet got the 8th semester marks card.

    I’m planning to pursue higher studies abroad. I need transcripts for applying to universities. Does VTU provide transcripts for provisional marks card also?

    Please let me the procedure and duration to obtain the transcripts and degree certificate.

    Thanks and regards,

    Comment by Nishant — May 3, 2011 @ 1:06 pm | Reply

    • @Nishanth: I think transcripts will contain marks for all semesters for which results have been announced. I don’t think you can/need to do anything to obtain the degree certificate. You should be receiving it by postal mail after the convocation ceremony. The procedure and duration to obtain transcripts are explained in detail in this blog post. As always, it’s always safer to confirm this info with VTU Belgaum or the regional office. Good luck!

      Comment by augustborn — May 3, 2011 @ 8:05 pm | Reply

  216. sir i have been completed my B.E in may 2010 till now i received only Provisional certificate.I payed money in DD for Official Transcript and Consolidate MarksCard of 1st to 8th semester till today i have not received those why?

    Comment by Mamatha L.N — May 4, 2011 @ 10:17 am | Reply

    • @Mamatha: No idea. Best to check with VTU.

      Comment by augustborn — May 4, 2011 @ 10:23 am | Reply

      • Augustborn I asked several times wt was the format of individual consolidated marks cards[semester wise] but nobody was knowing exact answer.Finally I went to Belgum and got my CMCs.CMC mentions ur second or third attempt marks and in front of that they mention the date u passed.[Dec 2010..etc].But your final total marks would be the first attempt total marks .They clearly mention the ‘first attempt total’.And ur class is second class.They dont mention how many attempts u took.But anybody can calculate…Hop this help

        Comment by Ajan — June 12, 2011 @ 11:10 pm

      • Thanks for sharing the info, Ajan!

        Comment by augustborn — June 12, 2011 @ 11:11 pm

  217. Oops i guess Ajan’s comment and experience in belgam explains it all… Thanks anyway 🙂

    Comment by wasim — June 14, 2011 @ 12:01 am | Reply

  218. can any one upload form for consolidation of marks card

    Comment by sachu — July 27, 2011 @ 6:14 pm | Reply

  219. Hi..I got my degree certificate….
    but i want CMC now…
    what is exact procedure for getting a CMC through post?
    can i send my 8th sem marks card (unattested )and DD of 500/- and a letter stating i want a CMC.

    Comment by geetha — August 2, 2011 @ 4:00 pm | Reply

  220. hi sir, if i clear the backs then can i consider the marks to calculate aggregate pls guide me

    Comment by gai — August 3, 2011 @ 4:49 pm | Reply

  221. Guys i just wanted to know that about 8 days ago i had visited vtu n applied for re admission in administrative block they accepted it n told you go we’ll send this directly to your college but till date it dint come to our college time is moving very fast wat can i do wit this regards 😦

    Comment by Abrar — August 8, 2011 @ 3:20 pm | Reply

  222. hi… in pdc form first attempt marks are cleared back sub marks or the 1st marks card total marks …plz tell me

    Comment by alekya — August 9, 2011 @ 6:13 pm | Reply

  223. hi everybody,
    i completed my BE on 2009. After working long 1yr I already taken admission for MBA. Now I need MIGRATION CERTIFICATE. Recently I got an accident so I can’t move form my house in KOLKATA. I called VTU for that & they told me to send 250/- draft & other attested xerox copy of certificates. I send it on 23rd august by speedpost. I checked on postal site that my package has already delivered on 26th.Now when I called today they told me that they didn’t got it. As my submission date is coming nearby what should I do ??????????
    I am making plan to collect it by hand……….is it good????
    also for migration certificate the collage principal attestation is necessary????
    pls help me …thanks in advance…..

    Comment by Subhasish datta — August 28, 2011 @ 12:24 am | Reply

  224. hello!

    Good job on clearing various doubts!
    i would like to know, for want of any certificate( be it transcript/PDC/Consolidated MC),
    has one required to carry the photocopies of all the semesters ATTESTED by the Principle
    of the respective college?

    Thank you!

    Comment by Gowrima — September 2, 2011 @ 6:26 pm | Reply

    • @Gowrima: That is what most people recommend..

      Comment by augustborn — September 2, 2011 @ 9:11 pm | Reply

  225. repost: plz help me out with this

    I have few doubts and expect that it will get cleared here –
    1.Will they add 2nd attempt marks in total marks mentioned in transcript ? or would the total marks remain the same as that of first attempt.
    2. When companies call for placement and have a requirement ( ex.70% ), will they consider our 2nd attempt marks while calculating the percentage or would just consider the first attempt marks.


    Comment by bestfriend — September 2, 2011 @ 9:24 pm | Reply

    • @bestfriend:

      1) I have no idea about the 2nd attempt marks since I had no 2nd attempts. Maybe somebody else that is reading the comments here, will respond.
      2) Company requirements are entirely dependent on the respective HRs. You would have to ask them.

      Good luck!

      Comment by augustborn — September 2, 2011 @ 9:27 pm | Reply

  226. Hi,

    I’m in US and I have applied for MS Degree in San Jose state University & I have submitted all my documents i.e All the 8 semesters Marks Sheet ,Final Degree Certifiate .But when checked for the status it says that the documents are Incomplete & when I dropped them a mail regarding this they are asking me to do the following
    1. Final degree certificate copy attested by your university or college (we have received an unofficial copy)
    2. Bachelor’s mark sheets attested copies (we have received unofficial copies)

    I really don’t understand what this means? Can anyone suggest me on this,since the deadline for Spring 2012 is Oct 15th I’m really tensed now!

    Thank you,

    Comment by Shruthi — September 27, 2011 @ 10:43 pm | Reply

    • @Shruthi:

      I presume you submitted xerox copies, without the attestation? They are probably expecting xerox copies to be signed/sealed by your university registrar/college principal.

      A similar thing happened to me, so I just took the originals of the degree certificate and marks cards to the admissions office and they verified it right there(I explained that attestation would not be possible since the originals were with me and I was already in the US).

      Good luck!!

      Comment by augustborn — September 27, 2011 @ 11:25 pm | Reply

      • @augustborn

        Thanks a lot for the reply man! Yeah,I’ve submitted the xerox copy .Do I need to send them the originals?

        Comment by Shruthi — September 27, 2011 @ 11:30 pm

      • @Shruthi:

        Never “send” any original certificates. You can take them with you personally to the admissions office, get it verified in your presence and bring them back with you..

        Comment by augustborn — September 27, 2011 @ 11:32 pm

  227. Thank you for informing me! I’ll take the original document to the university & once verified will get it back along .Really your comments helps a lot.I’ve gone thru the comments above many were answered by you.I appreciate it .By the way which university are you in?

    Comment by Shruthi — September 27, 2011 @ 11:41 pm | Reply

    • @Shruthi: Great! Good luck.. I graduated from San Diego State University last year..

      Comment by augustborn — September 28, 2011 @ 12:21 am | Reply

  228. Hi, I’m in my final year, and hoping to study masters in the US. Do I need to send the universities attested copies of marks cards, when the transcripts already have the marks??

    Comment by Smita — November 4, 2011 @ 4:04 pm | Reply

    • @Smita: It is a very university-specific thing, but most universities do require both, attested copies of marks cards as well as transcripts. Good luck!!

      Comment by augustborn — November 4, 2011 @ 9:13 pm | Reply

  229. Hi, thanks for your prompt reply.. 🙂 I’ve to start applying in a week or so.. I have list of about 15 universities, but I wanna apply to about 8 of them.. But I’m unable to decide which ones, as I don’t want to end up applying to too many universities where I don’t have a chance of getting in.. Please help me??

    Comment by Smita — November 5, 2011 @ 12:00 pm | Reply

  230. Hi augustborn,

    I’m planning to apply for fall 2012. i’ll be ready with all the docs required by next month. would it be too late by then? as per my knowledge the deadline for most of the univsersities is december. my packets would reach the uni’s by jan i guess.

    Comment by Sonal — November 16, 2011 @ 2:24 pm | Reply

    • @Sonal: Most universities will have their application deadlines specified on their websites. From what I remember, most require application packets to reach them in December. Good luck!!

      Comment by augustborn — November 16, 2011 @ 7:52 pm | Reply

  231. Is there need for pdc as soon as i get 8th sem original marks card…………………………..

    Comment by vinod — November 16, 2011 @ 6:52 pm | Reply

    • @Vinod: pdc will be in place of your degree certificate until you receive the actual degree certificate. It will not have marks recorded on it.

      Comment by augustborn — November 16, 2011 @ 7:50 pm | Reply

  232. Excellent Blog!. I have couple of questions since Sreejith ur at US:

    1. Are the universities at U.S recognizing the transcripts issued by VTU, as many candidates doing education at U.S seek this help by
    2. Is my MBA at VTU recognized to apply for companies at US? (any idea)
    3. I heard there is an external office at Bengaluru to help on this issues for transcripts recently. Is it true anubody, any validity on this news?

    Comment by Hebson — December 7, 2011 @ 4:50 am | Reply

    • @Hebson:

      1) U. S. universities do recognize transcripts issued by VTU, though many universities use external agencies like WES to really understand the percentage system and how they relate to the GPA system, etc.
      2) Nowadays, the trend is that US companies mostly hire people with US degrees. Of course, degrees at one of the IITs or IIMs may be great. Also, there may be exceptions.
      3) I heard that too, unfortunately no idea whether this is true.

      Good luck!

      Comment by augustborn — December 7, 2011 @ 4:55 am | Reply

      • Information Revalued…appreciated….Thnks a lot…

        Comment by Hebson — December 7, 2011 @ 5:03 am

    • @hebson, yes VTU has set up a new office at bangalore.

      Comment by Sonal — December 7, 2011 @ 10:15 am | Reply

      • @Sonal: Cud please help in detailing the location of that office, and looking forward in getting my certificates and mark cards attested. Is it possible at that new office ?

        Comment by Heby — December 7, 2011 @ 10:25 am

  233. Visvesvaraya Technological University, Regional Center Bangalore, RHCS Layout Annapoorneshwarinagar, Nagarbhavi, Bangalore-560091

    Fax: 080-23181188


    Bout ur query if u can get ur certificates attested, yes but m not very sure. you can mail them. i had mailed them and got an reply the next day. you can call them as well.

    Comment by Sonal — December 7, 2011 @ 11:49 am | Reply

  234. Thnks….sonal..d info. above are priceless…

    Comment by Heby — December 7, 2011 @ 1:21 pm | Reply

  235. hi,
    i am munaf. a b.e mech graduate frm vtu in 2011. u r really doing a gr8 job. plz continue to do so as u r a oli blogger who replies to our queries. i hav got a job in saudi for which i need to attest my orginal degree certificate. i tried calling vtu to ask abt attestation procedure but no one usally picks up and if they do they say they don no anything abt attestation. can u plz clarify my doubts

    1> hw mny days do i need to b in belgaum 4 degree attestation? can i do it in a single day?
    2> wats the dd amount?
    3> wat all documents do i need to carry for hrd attestion?

    Comment by munaf azam khan — December 15, 2011 @ 10:17 pm | Reply

    • @Munaf: I got all my marks cards and degree certificate attested in the college by the principal. I think that should suffice for you.

      In any case, I do not know the procedure for attestation at VTU. Apologies and good luck!

      Comment by augustborn — December 16, 2011 @ 12:07 am | Reply

  236. HI,
    I had a backlog in 8th semester which was cleared during December 2010 examination. I got my results in May 2011. With this my convocation and hence the degree certificate has been help up and i think its going to happen only during Jan 2012. I have written GRE and want to apply to universities in CA, US. I have already gt my transcripts and PDC. Do you know when i may get my original degree certificate and until when my PDC will hold good in foreign universities?

    Comment by Nishanth — December 22, 2011 @ 10:50 am | Reply

    • @Nishanth: I have no idea when you may get your degree certificate, but I know that you are required to produce your original degree certificate when you arrive at the university in US. Good luck!!

      Comment by augustborn — December 22, 2011 @ 10:54 am | Reply

  237. Hi the information given is very helpful,how ever i ve 2 doubts

    1. i want the consolidated marks card,and am planning to go to belgaum directly on fri will the office be opened on saturday ? and will i get the marks card on tat day??

    2. i saw in the application form it says we need principal seal and signature,as am going directly to vtu do i need the principal’s signature???

    thank you

    Comment by arun — February 23, 2012 @ 4:19 pm | Reply

    • @Arun: Your best option would be to call up VTU on the listed numbers and check whether they are open on Saturday, and whether they would issue the CMC on the same day. If the application form says you need the principal’s sign and seal, you probably do need it. Better not to take a chance when you are travelling all the way to Belgaum. Good luck!

      Comment by augustborn — February 23, 2012 @ 9:42 pm | Reply

  238. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on big bro. Regards

    Comment by click here — August 10, 2012 @ 3:31 am | Reply

  239. I passed out of VTU in 2007 , any chance you have the vtu syllabus copy for 2002-03 scheme (ECE)? If yes pls provide. Searched the net to no avail! 😦

    Comment by Niru — September 18, 2012 @ 8:12 am | Reply

  240. hello,
    i am 2014 passout and I have laminated all 7 semisters marks cards since i thought it would keep my documents safe . recently one of my frnds told we are not suppose to laminate it which would lead to lot of enquiries during original document submission in the future. IS IT TRUE?anbody plz tel me what can i do now??

    Comment by Vahni — August 11, 2014 @ 11:53 am | Reply

  241. Hello guys,
    I have lost my 8th sem marks card. How can I get another copy from vtu.

    Comment by Shruthi — March 28, 2015 @ 9:35 pm | Reply

  242. Hi. I did my engineering in MSRIT which is an autonomous institute. Now there is a job opening in DRDO and BNPM and they require a document proof for converting CGPA into Percentage. So where do i get the document which has the formula of conversion. Please Help Me.

    Comment by Shylaja — April 4, 2015 @ 10:08 am | Reply

  243. I want my 8th sem marks to apply to get that??

    Comment by siva — February 10, 2016 @ 3:41 pm | Reply

  244. Hi,
    I just now written my 6th sem arrear subject ie 10 days back and I got result.
    As I pass 8th sem in 1st attempt during 2012. I need pdc along with 8th sem Marks card.

    Can anyone please assist how to get the both as soon as possible.

    Comment by Teju — February 13, 2016 @ 11:49 pm | Reply

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